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  • Analysis: Trump Releases FBI Memo On FISA Spying

    Just a few hours ago President Trump officially unsealed the already infamous FBI memo, revealing the events leading up to the release of the Trump dossier and how a FISA warrant was obtained from it – essentially kick starting the whole “Russian collusion investigation.” Here is my analysis of some of the claims made in today’s memo, as well as what I learned from it – including a direct link to the now declassified document itself.

  • Worlds Largest Hacking “Enabler” To Acquire Dell Computers?

    According to reports, Dell may soon sell itself off to one of the companies own subsidiaries; VMware. Reporting goes on to add that despite owning 80% of VMware itself, Dell is only gong up for sale because its investors/owners need to begin paying off “some” the companies +$50 Billion dollar debt.

  • Scores of African Refugees Killed at Sea Trying To Escape Yemen

    The humanitarian crisis resulting from the Yemeni War has deteriorated to the point where African refugees, whom recently fled Somalia/Ethiopia to ‘seek a better life’ in Yemen, are dying at sea in record numbers as they try to flee the War-torn country and get back home. There are many Wars being fought all around the world right now, but this information puts into perspective why the War in Yemen is the biggest tragedy of them all.

  • Security Essentials: 2-Factor Authentication

    After Google announced less than 10% of all their users have enabled two-factor authentication for their online accounts last week, I felt it necessary to explain why two-factor authentication isn’t at all complicated and why everyone should start using it immediately throughout the future.

  • House To Investigate Meltdown & Spectre Non-Disclosure Agreements

    We now know that nearly all of the countries largest tech corporations were aware of the Meltdown & Spectre vulnerabilities for as long as 6 months before the information was leaked to the public in January 2018. Now Congress wants to know why the information was kept secret for so long and why security patches weren’t deployed sooner.

  • US Software Conglomerates Ship Source Codes To Russian MoD

    In an unprecedented move, 2 of America’s largest antivirus/software developers have shipped the source codes of their most popular products directly to security researchers at Russia’s Ministry of Defense for analysis. Joining a larger pool of international partners, the American tech conglomerates hope to learn something new about and/or improve the quality of their products in the future – after Russians show them how to hack it.

  • How Egyptian Dictator el-Sisi Has Already Rigged 2018 “Election”

    Months ahead of the March 2018 Egyptian Presidential “election,” incumbent el-Sisi has begun arresting all of the biggest and highest polling political opponents whom had indicated they would like to run against him – ensuring his tenure as ‘Egypt’s Supreme Dictator’ will carry on for many years to come.

  • ThreatPress Report – Top Security Vulnerabilities for WordPress Owners

    A new security company, ThreatPress, recently released their analysis of various threats, vulnerabilities and hacking trends specifically faced by WordPress owners throughout the course of 2017. Here’s what was new/big in the 2017 WordPress hacking game.

  • Fox News Anchors Hacked To Send DM’s To Trump

    A recent hack of Sheriff David Clarke’s Twitter account has accidentally shined a bright light on a very serious topic. We now know that foreign hackers have begun hacking the social media accounts of Donald Trumps friends online, as a means to send information to the President directly – literally bypassing every safe guard, protocol and regulation the Secret Service has in place to communicate to/with the President of the United States.

  • Lebanese Intelligence Un-Masked In Cyber Espionage Campaign

    Hundreds of gigabits of data from thousands of phones in 21 different countries, encompassing everyone from doctors to Government contractors, was recently found on an exposed and unprotected online server. Upon analysis, cyber security researches have traced the server and Malware/Spyware which delivered to it directly to the Lebanese Government. More specifically, Lebanese National Intelligence.