2 - 2
Spain - LaLiga 2
Match Date

Match statistics

3 Shots on target 1
3 Shots off target 2
6 Corner kicks 5
4 Yellowcards 3
4 Offsides 2
17 Free kicks 11
7 Goal attempts 9
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Live football scores Real Oviedo vs Real Zaragoza - 29-09-19

28/09/19 - 21:47

Today is the 29 September and football confrontation between Real Oviedo and Real Zaragoza will start soon. The match is holding during the league LaLiga 2 in Spain. We are waiting for really noteworthy combat between these two noteworthy teams.

The performances, that both teams have showed were great, so we are waiting for noteworthy football play Both managers chose noteworthy line-ups. Highlight the favorite of this football match in the comments and voting. This game will be refereeing by the great crew of referees.