Regionalliga East

And, it is Regionalliga East again! In coming season will participate without a doubt agrressive crews, such as:

Wiener Sportklub, SK Rapid Wien II, Admira Wacker II, SC Neusiedl, SV Mattersburg II, SC Wiener Neustadt, Wiener Viktoria, ASV Drassburg, SC Team Wiener Linien, SV Leobendorf, Bruck/Leitha, ASK Ebreichsdorf, Traiskirchen FCM, SV Stripfing, FC Mauerwerk, FC Marchfeld Donauauen are squads, that will play in coming league, called Regionalliga East. The stat of present season with lots of cool moments is 2 August. And 8 June is the end of the league’s season. The matches of RE 19/20 will take a place at such cool stadiums as: Allianz Stadion, Sportzentrum Neusiedl, Rudolf-Tonn-Stadion, Sportzentrum Ebreichsdorf, Wiener Neustadter Stadion, Sportzentrum Traiskirchen, Sportzentrum Drassburg, Aulandstadion, Fussballakademie Burgenland, Sportanlage Raxplatz, Sportclub-Platz, Sportplatz Stripfing, Sparkassen Stadion, BSFZ-Arena, Park Stadium, Sportplatz Wiener Viktoria.

So, it is really exciting to know who will be named the most exciting crew in next season of Regionalliga East. Who will become the best player in this season? We are gonna explain these and more things, so all what you need you can find here. But for now, we and you, fans of football can only think about the results.

Regionalliga East Table

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