World Events

DRC President Bans Sunday Worship, Arrests Catholic Priests, Kills Worshipers

Last year the Catholic Church mediated a peace agreement calming violent/deadly national protests following the Congo’s President, Joseph Kabila, refusing to honor the countries constitution or voluntarily leave office. Now in 2018, in an attempt to limit the Catholic Church’s influence inside his country in the future, Kabila is using Government led security forces to disrupt Sunday masses, arrests priests and kill worshipers.

How ISIS Made Millions Selling Syrian Oil To Turkey

Before Turkey entered the Syrian Civil War for the first time in August of 2016, in November 2015 I remember reading about a hack/leak which indicated that Turkey had been knowingly allowing Islamic State militants to illegally cross into their borders to sell oil. Two years later now, a new interview with a former member of ISIS trying to transition back into civilized society seems to have confirmed the information first exposed in the 2015 leaks.

Anonymous Prepares for #OpSafeWinter 2017

For those of you whom think that Anonymous is just a random group of computer hackers, here is a look at one of “the groups” largest and longest running operations – #OpSafeWinter – as well as some of the great things people have accomplished through it in the past.

4 Years Since The Rabaa Massacre, No One Has Been Held Accountable

4 years to the day, not a single Government official has been held accountable for their role in the Rabaa Massacre of 2013, during which Government forces led by President al-Sisi, whom had assumed control of the country through military coup 2 weeks earlier, literally slaughtered over 1,000 protestors in the streets of Cairo for opposing his rule. In the years to follow, as many as 1,700 people have been “disappeared” by Sisi’s regime, hundreds more have been incarcerated and journalists whom report on these events continue to be imprisoned without trial.

Breaking Down Israeli Lies & Disinformation

These days, it is virtually impossible for any person to criticize Israel or have a rational conversation about the country and their activities. In this article, I will attempt to factually breakdown some of the largest lies and fallacies surrounding the political practices of Israel right now and let the facts speak for themselves.

Duterte Doubles Down On Countries Drug War

Speaking towards protestors at his 2nd State of The Union address, Duterte did not shy away from international criticism regarding his administrations brutal crackdown on drugs. On the contrary, Duterte promises to be even more “unrelenting” in his 2nd year in office.