Breaking Down Syria’s Other, Other War

While a Government shut down is distracting most sheeple here in the United States, over in the Middle East Turkey has begun a ground invasion into Northern Syria – essentially kicking off the worlds newest War. In an alarming and somewhat ironic twist, Syrian rebels will now be working with Turkey to fight against the Kurds – all 3 of which used to receive arms and funding from the US Government as recently as 2017.

Russia Expanding Electronic Warfare Underwater?

A new report by the British Armed Forces warns that the worlds underwater electrical and internet infrastructure is particularly vulnerable right now, and could therefore become a target of hostile actors in the future. Here is a look at what the future of Warfare will look like out on the open seas.

Putin Declares Victory In The War on Terror Within Syria

In a self-proclaimed “Victory Speech,” Vladimir Putin declares a victory on the War against terrorism in Syria and that effective immediately, Russia will begin withdrawing troops from the country. This will mark the second time since March 2016 that Russia has decreased its overall military presence within the country.