United Nations

UN Passes Historic Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons

On July 7th 2017, after 3 weeks of deliberations involving 140 countries from around the world, 122 countries voted in favor of a historic treaty which would ban the possession of nuclear weapons under international law. Unfortunately though, every country which currently owns and possesses nuclear weaponry refused to vote on or accept the terms of the new agreement.

Somalia Prepares To Declare Famine

Despite the arrival of rain, Somalia continues to struggle with crippling food shortages and a lack of livestock, not to mention years of War and a new outbreak of cholera. On the eve of declaring famine outright, earlier today UNICEF came out with a press release outlining the statistics currently fueling the humanitarian crisis inside Somalia.

UN Investigation: Taliban Has Increased Drug Production 244% Since US Invasion of Afghanistan In 2001

What are the results of 16 years of War in Afghanistan? In 2017 the Taliban is generating more revenue than ever before and has increased their territory by 244%, from 82,000 hectares in 2001 to 201,000 hectares by the end of 2016. Meanwhile, the US homeland is now facing an “opioid/heroin epidemic” from the same drugs the Taliban grows and produces.

UN Report: Syrian Government Behind All Chemical Attacks | Russia Responds, Calls UN Findings “hasty conclusions”& Warns Them To “walk very carefully”

A just published, 95 page, report from the United Nations has found that the Syrian government was behind “all the chemical attacks” in Syria – these are War Crimes. Assigning blame to the Syrian government is, ipso facto, blaming Russia. The attacks in question occurred in 2014, Russia signed an international agreement to remove all the chemical weapons from Syria in 2013.