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Bankrupt Medi4: Open for Business

Bankrupt Medi4 was named to poke a little bit of fun at myself, in actuality it was impossible to bankrupt the domain because I’ve done everything here for free the last 2 years. But recent revelations struggling through homelessness have inspired me to change my business model.

US Software Conglomerates Ship Source Codes To Russian MoD

In an unprecedented move, 2 of America’s largest antivirus/software developers have shipped the source codes of their most popular products directly to security researchers at Russia’s Ministry of Defense for analysis. Joining a larger pool of international partners, the American tech conglomerates hope to learn something new about and/or improve the quality of their products in the future – after Russians show them how to hack it.

Microsoft Prepares for Standoff With US Department of Justice

Next month the US Supreme Court is set to hear a case involving Microsoft’s data servers located in Ireland, questioning if the US Justice Department has the power/jurisdiction to demand foreign businesses/countries adhere to US based legal requests. Now, weeks ahead of this landmark case, corporations, politicians and public figures the world over are all doing their best to lobby the Supreme Court to vote in favor of Microsoft.

Facebook Reverses Company Model & Future Direction

It appears as though Facebook’s founder and CEO has had an existential change of heart when it comes to the product and service he wants to offer the world. Instead of focusing more on money making and short term growth, Mark Zuckerberg now says he is willing to take a financial hit in order to return Facebook back into the social networking application it started as.

Doge: The Man, The Meme, The Legend

Last week a fake/parody crypto-currency known as “Dogecoin” made international headlines after its market capped between 1-2 Billion dollars. Considering that most “normal people” in society have no idea what any of this is about, here is a brief summary of who Doge was, what this crypto-currency is and why you should be weary of investing in fringe crypto-currencies like it.