My Fake News Solution of The Future

Everyone believes that “fake news” is an ongoing problem, but how do we fight back against it and begin building better and more trustworthy news platforms in the future? Here is my two cents on one possible solution to the problem, as well as the logistical hurdles it would need to overcome to be successful.

Facebook Reverses Company Model & Future Direction

It appears as though Facebook’s founder and CEO has had an existential change of heart when it comes to the product and service he wants to offer the world. Instead of focusing more on money making and short term growth, Mark Zuckerberg now says he is willing to take a financial hit in order to return Facebook back into the social networking application it started as.

Why Is Donald Trump Jr. Facing Legal Troubles?

Pundits on the main stream media all seem to have no idea why Donald Trump Jr’s name keeps coming up in all of these Russian hacking investigations. However, as I will attempt to explain, it is not all that complicated to deduce how/why this is happening. Believe it or not, it is directly related to the demands made on journalists by the FBI when reporting about stolen, leaked or classified material.

The Short Term Effects of Net Neutrality Repeal

Less than 3 weeks after the FCC officially voted to repeal net Neutrality rules established by the Obama Administration in 2015, it turns out I might have already been proven wrong for initially supporting it. Here is a first hand look at the real world effects of Net Neutrality repeal, using the most recent bills from my website as a guide.

Twitter & Facebook Debut New Policy Changes

This past Monday Twitter and Facebook both unveiled new features and practices. Twitter is more concerned about deleting accounts used by extremists to spread hate or incite violence online, whereas Facebook is making changes to their algorithms to adjust how information gets shared across their network in the first place.

Who’s More To Blame for The Spread of Fake News On Facebook, Russian’s or American Corporate Greed?

Trending on Facebook News tonight is a story that Russian actors paid $100,000 to sponsor divisive political content in the United States in the weeks and months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. However, considering that this topic has already been extensively covered dating as far back to November 2016, why is this suddenly “breaking” again today?