Hacking News

Fox News Anchors Hacked To Send DM’s To Trump

A recent hack of Sheriff David Clarke’s Twitter account has accidentally shined a bright light on a very serious topic. We now know that foreign hackers have begun hacking the social media accounts of Donald Trumps friends online, as a means to send information to the President directly – literally bypassing every safe guard, protocol and regulation the Secret Service has in place to communicate to/with the President of the United States.

Lebanese Intelligence Un-Masked In Cyber Espionage Campaign

Hundreds of gigabits of data from thousands of phones in 21 different countries, encompassing everyone from doctors to Government contractors, was recently found on an exposed and unprotected online server. Upon analysis, cyber security researches have traced the server and Malware/Spyware which delivered to it directly to the Lebanese Government. More specifically, Lebanese National Intelligence.

Hacks Through Microsoft Office Applications are Rising in 2018

From North Korea to the US, hackers have begun exploiting more and more people through various flaws in the coding of Microsoft Office Applications/Programs, something particularly concerning considering there are hundreds of millions of computers worldwide which came pre-installed with this software. Here is what to know and what you can do to keep safe going forward.

Ghost Squad Hackers Step Up Battle Against Online Terrorism

In conjunction with #OpISIS and #OpReverseCaliphate, Ghost Squad Hackers recently concluded a massive hack against the Islamic State. Included in the breach were +20 channels on Telegram used by the Islamic State, exposing countless individual accounts used by ISIS members on the service, as well as other websites and video hosting platforms used by the terrorists.

How Hacktivism Has Accidentally Made Intelligence Gathering Harder

Despite online vigilante-ism accidentally pushing terrorist organizations further and further underground over the years, the US Government is still asking the general public for help. A new report from a member of the US Intelligence Community outlines some of the struggles facing modern analysts tracking individual targets and terrorists organizations online.