Cyber Security

Security Essentials: 2-Factor Authentication

After Google announced less than 10% of all their users have enabled two-factor authentication for their online accounts last week, I felt it necessary to explain why two-factor authentication isn’t at all complicated and why everyone should start using it immediately throughout the future.

Security Essentials: Social Media Accounts

Believe it or not, social media accounts are easier to target and can be more easily compromised than emails in certain situations. However, security is often the last thing on peoples mind when they are engaging on social media. With that said, here is a guide to better help you understand some basic security principles when using your online accounts.

How To Write An Un-hackable Password

Want to know how you wind up a lifelong member of the proletariat? You offer and sell cyber security advice for free, you’re welcome @world. Learn how to write and remember an un-hackable password in 5 minutes or less, or your money back!