About This Site

Bankrupt Medi4 is the brain-child of Brian Dunn, an independent writer and security researcher currently residing in New York. True to the name, Bankrupt Medi4 was created after Brian Dunn’s first two business startups – Legacy Medi4 & The Daily Proletariat – subsequently failed and bankrupted him.

Through this website, I will attempt to cover important world news and events without interjecting opinion, bias, prejudice or nationalism into the conversation. It’s my goal to help educate people through learning about world events, to give them a better understanding about issues currently in the news. I will never claim to “make the news,” I simply want to intellectually and honestly report on news events. In addition to providing unique and original content/commentary through this site, I occasionally edit reports for Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and republish them through a collaborative Creative Commons License.

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