A Brief Look Inside The FBI’s Fall from Grace

The last several years have been far from kind to the Nations top “law enforcement” agency/office – the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I put law enforcement in quotations because, as I have previously written, for a law enforcement agency, the FBI is known to have engaged in more than their fair share of illegal activity over recent years. But today it is not just these crimes which have the agencies reputation coming into such strong question.

If for some reason you are not aware, yesterday, June 14th 2017, the office of the US Inspector General released their official report/findings into the investigation of FBI Director James Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton emails in the months/weeks leading up to the 2016 Presidential election, as well as allegations of political corruption/bias inside the agency itself. In summary, while the investigation found no credible evidence of widespread political/partisan corruption inside the agency, the inspector general did conclude that former FBI Director James Comey was “insubordinate” in his handling of Clinton’s case and failed to conducted himself in a manner conducive to the agencies historical standard – essentially validating his firing by President Trump in 2017.

View Full Report Here: https://www.justice.gov/file/1071991/download

For the purposes of this brief article I will not get into the specifics of the report, you can read the full thing for yourself through the link provided above. Instead I want to focus on all of the FBI’s recent scandals and metaphorical fall from grace in US political circles over the years.

From criticisms over how the agency handled the US Presidential election dating back to the fall of 2016, to the firing of James Comey in 2017, to verification of these criticisms/firings from the US inspector general himself this week, to the release of text messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, to an FBI agent being charged for shooting someone in the shoulder while backflipping, to all the illegal activities the agency was involved in throughout the Obama years, to the agencies complete lack of awareness to the truth while investigating me earlier this year, I think it is safe to say that the agency has lost a great deal of respect/credibility within the public eye recently.  I also can not remember a point in time in America’s history where the public’s faith in the agency was lower or under more scrutiny than it is right now in 2018.

The good news for the FBI though, I suppose, is that all of those hit crime shows on television really do make the agency and all their personnel look like complete and total basasses! And who says there is no such thing as American propaganda?

Why/How Did This Happen To A Once Proud/Trusted Agency?

The simplest answers are a complete lack of competition or operational over-site within the agency itself. What I mean to say is that the FBI is literally the nations TOP law enforcement agency and once you have made it there, there is really no where else to go with your career. It is a general fact that many of the FBI’s personnel have dreamed their entire life of doing nothing more than entering into the agency one day. And once they have made it there, that’s it – they’ve made it. But that’s also exactly the problem; complacency. It’s almost like the longer you are in the FBI, or any Government position for that matter, the more comfortable/powerful you become, the more a foothold you are able to obtain and the less you have to try, because everyone answers to you and not the other way around. #TermLimits #PowerIsAddictive

The FBI and their agents are subject to endless budgets/funding and almost endless legal power. And short of a Presidential or Attorney General intervention, once an investigation starts there is almost nothing capable of standing in its way or stopping/halting it. The fact of the matter is that most of the agents whom conduct these investigations are rarely questioned or held accountable for each and every investigation they launch and they have the very real power to spend as much time, money and resources as they please on them. For example, FBI agents are not even required by law to comment on ongoing investigations. In fact, agents can and are fired for publicly speaking about any investigation which hasn’t yet concluded.

As it should be easy for anyone to see, this also indicates that there is literally ZERO accountability or over-site in regards to what these agents are actually doing throughout the course of any given investigation. Indubitably, this also can and often does open the door to potential abuses of power, government over-reach and quite frankly a sense of arrogance/smugness/entitlement within the department itself. This lack of accountability and power to seemingly get away with whatever they want, simply because they are a Government agency and Government agents, is also exactly why the FBI’s reputation is slowly becoming tattered today.

Hopefully one day soon though this changes/reverses. If it helps, I am available for consultation 😉


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