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If you are one of my regular readers and have been wondering why I haven’t put out any new content in a while it is because I have been battling homelessness up and down the East Coast of the United States for the last 4 weeks. Honestly, it’s not for naught that the name of this site is Bankrupt Medi4 – I am literally bankrupt. Perhaps put more accurately, I dumped every bit of savings I had into building this website for years on end, trying to make a name for myself in hopes of one day becoming an international success.

However, my experience over the last 4 weeks has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. For example, how advanced my knowledge of computers and cyber security really is comparatively to the population of people and “professionals” in society around me, as well as how poorly I went about constructing my business model to date. I say this because on my way out of Miami about 2 and a half weeks ago I found myself on a Greyhound bus having a conversation with a current code writer and former developer at Google. Upon telling him about my site and what I was attempting to accomplish through it, he essentially called me a fool – but in a positive way. Please allow me to explain.

The man proceeded to tell me that in the tech industry people will only listen to other people with status and that I had to take a much more proactive approach towards getting my name seen by as many people in “power” as possible. Essentially, it was not enough to just write articles and educate people for free; you have to make yourself seen by as many people as possible and bring your material to people. Perhaps put a different way, it’s not enough to just create something and blindly hope that people eventually start finding their way to you, which is exactly what I had been doing to that point, instead I need to actively go out and start mining for success/attention in the real world.

To this effect, last week in New York City I found myself in the company of some amazing people doing pro bono work for Harm Reduction Educators out of Harlem. Quite simply, they inspired me and in exchange or the work I had seen them doing I offered to put something together for them and their staff, and proceeded to type up a free cyber security guide/printout – with the potential for one on one or group training for anyone interested. That’s what really got me thinking for the first time, that if I could offer to teach an entire organizations something new they did not know before; then why couldn’t I literally sell cyber security advice to professionals in other industries all the same?

I am 31 years old and have essentially spent the last 13 years of my life isolated from the world out in the woods of New Hampshire. It wasn’t until I got into these big cities and was forced to surround myself with so many people that I finally realized something about myself; that all these years I had no idea how much I actually knew.

That is why, starting this week, I am going to take down all of my online security tutorials and start putting together hard-print manuals to either sell or hand out to different organizations. The time has come in my life where I can not just keep being an “internet activists” and do all of this for free. I have a unique skill set that few people in society can match, and it is time for me to start capitalizing on that – especially now that I am in the biggest city in the world. In addition to selling cyber security training/instruction, I will also be offering social media management, content specialization, content writing and ghostwriting.

Everything I have done for/on this website I’ve done in my spare time, for free. Could you imagine the type of content I could produce if someone actually started paying me and I had a real budget to work with!?

While I’m Still Setting Up, Prospective Business Partners Can Reach Me At:

  • (603)-738-1306


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