The Hypocrisy of Today’s Data Privacy Senate Hearings

I get that not everyone can know everything, but today’s Senate inquiry of Mark Zuckerberg raised several alarm bells, and was somewhat embarrassing/concerning to witness on many levels. For example, on multiple occasions Facebook was chastised for what the Senate deemed to be lax privacy and data security policies, and repeatedly pressured Zuckerberg’s company to enact stronger protections in the future. The frightening thing about all of this is that those same Senators seemed completely oblivious to recent laws they themselves have passed within the last year and a half alone.

In case you weren’t already aware, last year the US Senate successfully repealed data protection laws which prohibited US based Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) from selling off the data and browsing history of their customers to the US Government or any other interested 3rd parties. In this regard, the fact that this same Senate then chastises Zuckerberg and Facebook for having loose data protection policies is extremely hypocritical/laughable.

I say this because your Internet Service Provider literally stores everything you do online, quite literally everything you do and see while connected to the internet. Facebook on the other hand only stores data about you if you have an active account with their service or are logged into it. Therefore, for reasons that should be quite clear for anyone to see, it is far more concerning that ISP’s are selling your data than Facebook – because your ISP’s collect/store exponentially more data about you and your browsing habits than Facebook ever could.

Yet, according to testimony from the US Senate itself, it is perfectly alright for all of the countries largest Internet Service Providers to sell off your data to anyone they want – but Facebook cant? Moreover, the US Senate wants to draft new laws/regulations preventing Facebook from selling off your data to 3rd parties, but has recently repealed US laws specifically to allow ISP’s to sell off their customers data? How in the hell does that make any sense? Do any of these geriatrics in the US Senate actually have any grasp of what they are doing or have recently done? Watching today’s +4 hour inquiry, I think the answer is quite obviously “No.

After hearing some of these Senators speak today, it is quite obvious that many of them have absolutely no clue what they are talking about – at least when it comes to technological literacy. Especially in light of recent decisions made by this Senate in regards to technologically related laws, it should also be extremely frightening for American citizens to have witnessed. The fact of the matter is that ever since Donald Trump was elected and the Republicans gained control over every level of our Government, Congress has done more to undermine the privacy and data security of American citizens in the last 13 months than Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg or any private company has ever done in all of history.

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