Lebanese Intelligence Un-Masked In Cyber Espionage Campaign

Recent analysis from the Electronic Frontier Foundation & watchdog privacy group LookOut has traced a 2017 cyber espionage campaign directly back to Lebanon, more specifically to Lebanese National Intelligence. As a result of this operation, it’s said that thousands of computers in 21 countries around the world were infected with different types of Malware and Spyware, which were used to monitor, record and export “” from Android users whom had downloaded their App. Once in place and installed on the users device, hackers were reportedly able to obtain everything from passwords to contact lists, along with any other sensitive information the users may have entered into their phones or used their phones for.

As The Hacker News also pointed out in an article on January 18th 2017, this event is significant because its discovery ” Moreover, according to an excerpt from LookOut‘s official PDF on this matter, the Malware/Spyware attacked “e” – illuminating just how far reaching and “successful” this hacking operation truly was.

Full Report On Lebanese Intelligence’s Operation: https://info.lookout.com/rs/051-ESQ-475/images/Lookout_Dark-Caracal_srr_20180118_us_v.1.0.pdf

However, rather than focus on the specifics of how the Malware worked or how it was delivered to victims in the first place, I would like to draw attention to an entirely different aspect of this conversation. This would be the fact that Lebanese National Intelligence just carried out a world class hacking operation. I mean think about it, if you were going to make a list of some of the worlds most advanced or biggest cyber threats right now, would Lebanese National Intelligence honestly have ever cross your mind? But that’s my whole point, this sort of stuff actually happens!

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the Russians & Americans

It just goes to show how every Government around the world has their own operations and is trying hack everyone no different than anyone else. Every Government in the world is literally trying to hack every other Government, that’s just the world we now live in.  It’s also testament to just how wide open the worlds cyber landscape really is. As Lebanon reminded us last week, cyber threats can literally come from anywhere at any moment in time; cyber security is relative.

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