Did We Learn Nothing from Saddam’s Iraq?

It has been said that “those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it in the future” and last night I learned about a new piece of information that I think perfectly sums up this idea. This would be the news that despite Donald Trumps decision to uphold the Iran Nuclear Deal on Friday, January 12th 2017, he has also maid the US’s continued support for this Treaty contingent on Iran meeting a number of “demands” over the course of the next 120 days. Should these demands not be met, Trump has said that the US will withdraw itself from the Treaty and that all the economic sanctions placed upon Iran over the decades past will all come back.

Additionally, despite his decision to adhere to the terms of the Iran deal last week, the Trump Administration also unilaterally imposed new and different sanctions against Iran a few days beforehand- allegedly for Iran’s abuses of human rights whilst dealing with and cracking down against protest movements calling for regime change within the country recently. However, one of the new demands placed upon Iran this week has me particularly concerned, and I’ll tell you why.

Did We Learn Nothing from Saddam’s Iraq?

The War in Iraq began when I was a junior in High School, around the first time in my life I remember being fascinated by politics and world affairs. In fact, before the War in Iraq first began in 2003, I distinctively remember a number of demands placed upon Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Government by the US, UK and United Nations in 2002. Perhaps most notably among them was a demand that the Government of Iraq allow the international community access to any and all Government owned facilities, in order to ensure that Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Government was not actively creating, working towards or storing any material(s) that could eventually be used to create a nuclear bomb.

However, Saddam Hussein adamantly refused to adhere to this demand, because as his own Sovereign Nation he didn’t want other Governments wandering in and out of his country/Government at their own discretion. It is also easy to understand why Hussein came to this decision, by comparison, do you think Donald Trump or the US would ever allow any country to have unlimited access to search the White House or Pentagon whenever they wanted? Of course not!

Most importantly of all, it was as a direct result of these demands having not been met that the international community first began to fear that Iraq had or was in possession of”weapons of mass destruction” in the first place, because the UN and international intelligence community was never able to entirely refute or prove whether or not Iraq or Saddam Hussein was indeed in possession of them. Subsequently enough, this was also one of the primary reasons why George Bush and the US ultimately decided in favor of invading the country less than a year afterwards. The rest as they say is history.

Fast Forward To Today…

Wouldn’t you know it? One of the new demands that Donald Trump has placed upon President Rouhani of Iran is to allow the US Government and international community to have access to all state owned Government facilities inside Iran, so that they can conduct accurate investigations/searches in order to ensure that Iran is not actively doing anything to advance their nuclear ambitions. Additionally, Iran’s military will have to surrender all of their technological blueprints, so that the US military can asses and have a full understanding of just how advanced Iran’s long range missile program is or is not.

Donald Trump has personally said that should Iran fail to meet all of his demands within the next 120 days, and US allies fail to assist the US in accomplishing these new measures, the US will officially withdraw itself from the Iran Nuclear Treaty altogether. Lets just hope that the US does not repeat the same mistakes of the past and that Donald Trump does not continue the proud Republican tradition of Warmongering. Remember, the last 2 Republican Presidents before Trump are responsible for starting 3 different Wars between them.

If you would like to read more about why it would be incredibly dangerous for the US to pull out of the nuclear deal in 2018, as well as why so many of the US’s allies oppose Donald Trumps opinions on this matter, you are invited to learn more by following the link below.

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