House Votes To Re-Authorize FISA Surveillance Another 4 years

Sometimes I question if I am living in the same world as everyone else, figuratively speaking. For example, earlier today the US House of Representatives officially voted to uphold the FISA surveillance program for the next 4 years. This is also the second such time they have made this vote in the last 3 weeks, which is why “the news” of its re-authorization this evening was not all that surprising to me.

For the purposes of this article I am not going to sit here and explain why the FISA court is Illegal, unconstitutional and how it violates the 4th Amendment of the Constitution, I have already done this too many times before. Instead I want to focus on a different angle of this story which I perceive as much more threatening, especially given the current political/legal climate here in the United States.

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The most troubling part of the Houses vote today has nothing to do with US Congress itself, it comes from the sitting US President. I know, real surprising – right? Not only has Donald Trump expressed his support for/of the FISA Surveillance Program throughout the past, but he is also previously on public record as stating that he would like the see the FISA Program strengthened/expanded in the future.

By now, it is now an indisputable fact that the Foreign International Surveillance Act has “incidentally” resulted in the US Government owning, recording and storing the telecommunications and electronic data of nearly every citizen currently living inside the United States. Well, roughly +300 million of the 330 million people currently living inside the United States – but who’s counting, right?

Lets Perform A Thought Experiment, Shall We?

Lets just say you are one of the billions of people around the world hacked as a result of warrants brought in front of the US FISA Court or that you are one of the US citizens the US Government has now also hacked. If any one of the 3 letter acronyms currently representing our Government caught you admitting to or committing an illegal/criminal act on your cell phone, email or computer, unless it was tied to terrorism or “National Security,” believe it or not, the US Government typically wouldn’t pursue an investigation or bring charges against you.

This is because nearly all of the information they obtain comes as a direct result of intelligence gathering operations, not law enforcement investigations. Moreover, despite their decision to continually use the FISA Court wherever or whenever possible, all the 3 letter acronyms associated with our Federal Government all know in the back of their minds that what they are doing to people is technically illegal/unconstitutional to begin with. In this way the Government doesn’t try pushing its luck any further than they already do. Now Enter President Donald Trump.

As was reported by Fox and Friends early on January 11th 2018, Trump has now indicated that he would like to strengthen and expand upon the jurisdiction granted to federal authorities to pursue law enforcement investigations into the data of any US citizen caught up in FISA Court investigations. Again that is roughly 92% of all the citizens currently living in the United States, or over 300 million Americans.

Why Is That Troubling?

Despite the United States claim to be the “Land of The Free,” it is actually the least free country on planet Earth – quite literally. For example:

If Donald Trump actually gets his way and allows Federal Prosecutors to bring charges against anyone in the US for anything they might have said to their friends or family at one point or another in the past, I literally don’t think there would be anyone left in society. I mean here in the US it is illegal to make too much noise past 10pm, it is illegal to walk across a street or use an aerosol can in a manner other then directed by law, it is even illegal to drink raw milk from a cow in some States – et cetera. My point is, everything is illegal here in the US and we do not arrest more people than any country in the world for no reason.

Given the proper authority and power to do so, such as expanding the jurisdiction of FISA Warrants, law enforcement officials could practically arrest anyone they want, whenever they wanted, for almost anything they wanted. Then you people wonder why groups like ANTIFA form? Buckle up America, it’s going to be an interesting next 3 years of all our lives…..

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