Day: January 10, 2018

Why Is Donald Trump Jr. Facing Legal Troubles?

Pundits on the main stream media all seem to have no idea why Donald Trump Jr’s name keeps coming up in all of these Russian hacking investigations. However, as I will attempt to explain, it is not all that complicated to deduce how/why this is happening. Believe it or not, it is directly related to the demands made on journalists by the FBI when reporting about stolen, leaked or classified material.

Doge: The Man, The Meme, The Legend

Last week a fake/parody crypto-currency known as “Dogecoin” made international headlines after its market capped between 1-2 Billion dollars. Considering that most “normal people” in society have no idea what any of this is about, here is a brief summary of who Doge was, what this crypto-currency is and why you should be weary of investing in fringe crypto-currencies like it.