Ghost Squad Hackers Step Up Battle Against Online Terrorism

Within a week of one another earlier this month, Vladimir Putin and the Iraqi Government each separately declared victory against the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria. However, as these countries and others like them begin the hard work of de-radicalizing and rehabilitating anyone whom might have been brainwashed by the IS in the past, now just as it was before, it remains clearer than ever that the fight against radical extremism is far from over. This is true both on the battle fields and within cyber space.

To this effect, a group known as Ghost Squad Hackers has recently stepped up their battle against the Islamic State. Loosely associated with Anonymous, Ghost Squad is the current leader of Operation Reverse Caliphate (#OpReverseCaliphate), aimed at exposing some of the last lines of communication, websites and channels used by the Islamic State in order to hasten their final defeat. Dating back to the end of 2015, when the group first formed after splitting off from a larger group of hackers whom went on to form/join the United Cyber Caliphate, Ghost Squad Hackers have indubitably gone on to become the single largest and most effective “Non-Government Organization” currently fighting against the Islamic State online.

Last week, led by one of the groups original founders – s1ege – Ghost Squad made international headlines after exposing over 20 Telegram channels used by ISIS members, operatives and sympathizers. In doing so, the group also exposed countless individual accounts used by IS members to communicate, as well as various websites and video hosting platforms used by the group. As a direct result of the intelligence gathered and released online by the group last week, it has also since been reported that at least one suicide bombing attack has been prevented.

Upon hacking into and gaining access to some of ISIS’s accounts, s1ege also took the opportunity to tell everyone exactly whom he was and warn that the group is far from finished, Ghost Squad will continue to hunt down terrorists until the job is done . You can read through some of s1ege‘s conversations with some of these online extremists through the links provided below:

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