Kapersky Lab Sues US Department of Homeland Security

Last month, following Wikileaks release of Vault 8, I reached out to Eugene Kapersky, founder, owner and CEO of Kapersky Lab, asking him if he had any intention of suing Barack Obama, John Brennan, the FBI or CIA for damages caused to their product and reputation as a result of recent actions taken by the United States Government. Interestingly enough, while I never received a reply back from him at the time, this is exactly what the company has decided to do.

According to a lawsuit filed in a Washington D.C. courtroom earlier today on December 18th 2017, Kapersky Lab is officially suing the United States Department of Homeland Security for an Operational Directive launched in September of 2017, banning any member, employee or contractor of the United States Government from owning or using all Kapersky Lab products in the future. Kapersky is arguing that the company has not been afforded “Due Process” in this whole affair and that the DHS has failed to provide “sufficient evidence” justifying their ban in the first place.

Kapersky is asking for their day in court to defend themselves and by filing today’s lawsuit, hopes to have the DHS’s ban completely lifted/reversed. Additionally, considering that there are between 3 – 5 million people working for the US Federal Government at any moment in time, Kapersky is also suing the DHS for financial damages related to a “loss of sales and reputational injury” suffered to the company as a direct result of the DHS’s actions earlier this year.

Read The Full 22 Page Lawsuit Here: http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4332207-Kaspersky-Lab-Lawsuit-20171218.html

For those of you who might be unaware, all of this is happening as a result of a hack on the National Security Agency in the summer of 2016 – allegedly spearheaded by the Russian Government itself. Essentially, the US Government and Department of Homeland Security have now come to believe that this hack was only made possible as a result of an NSA contractor being compromised by the very software he had installed on his computer; Kapersky Lab anti-virus. Moreover, the US Government maintains that as a result of recent changes to Russian law requiring all companies to hand over their data/records to the Kremlin, Kapersky Lab is now completely compromised and therefore, can not be trusted – hence the Federal ban on Kapersky products.

Kapersky argues the fact that the contractor was using their anti-virus software is merely “incidental” and after investigating the incident in question for themselves, believes that the contractor was compromised as a result of a separate piece of malware already installed on his computer before he bought the anti-virus, which gave hackers a secret back-door into his systems. In this way Kapersky argues that they are completely innocent. Moreover, in a good faith effort to show that they are not currently working for and have never had inappropriate or hidden ties to the Russian Government in the past, Kapersky has also offered to share all of their source codes with the US Government going forward in the future for full transparency.

Legacy Medi4 has been covering this subject extensively throughout the course of 2017. If you would like to learn more about the history and events leading up to today’s case, you are invited to read more here: https://bankruptmedia.com/?s=Kapersky&x=15&y=6

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