Report: CIA Weapons Shipments To Syrian Rebels Ultimately Ended Up With ISIS

Another day and another damning report has been released detailing how yet again, under John Brennan and Barack Obama’s “leadership,” the US Government directly financed terrorism throughout the Middle East. This time a new study has traced the ownership of War heads, armor piercing and anti-tank ammunition captured from the Islamic State to weapons shipments made by the Central Intelligence Agency to “rebel factions” fighting in the Syrian Civil War dating back to 2013.

The complete study, which was funded by the European Union and investors from Germany, examined over 40,000 weapons and pieces of equipment recovered from various battles against the Islamic State over the course of the last three years. According to the research gathered, every weapon which was recaptured from terrorists organizations on the ground in Syria was first provided to them by foreign countries involved in the dispute, including China, Russia, England, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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About the report in question, as was reported by Middle East Eye on December 14th 2017, “According to Conflict Armament Research, an organization that tracks arm shipments, military equipment including anti-tank weapons that were secretly transferred by CIA to rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad were in IS possession within two months of leaving the factory.” Ultimately, researchers “concluded that projects to provide weapons to rebel groups had “significantly augmented the quantity and quality of weapons available to (Islamic State) forces.

Breaking down the study a little further, the US is far from the only country at fault here. According to researchers, while the US and Saudi Arabia are primarily responsible for some of the more advanced weaponry found throughout the region, several other countries have also contributed to the problem. For example, the main cache of guns and ammunition used by terrorist organizations in Syria was found to have come from China and Russia. More specifically, over half of all the guns seized were from Russia and more than half the ammunition to them was produced in China.

While they could not determine if these weapons were sold to terror organizations by rebel forces directly or if they were simply taken as spoils of War, researchers were heavily critical of the US Government for sponsoring Syrian rebels to wage War in the first place. With that said, as of July 2017, under Donald Trumps orders the US has completely halted all CIA weapons shipments and training programs to Syrian rebels fighting against the Government of Assad – hopefully preventing these types of oversights from re-occurring in the future.

4th Time In 16 Months Research Ties US Weapons Shipments To Terrorism

Unfortunately this weeks report from Conflict Armament Research is nothing new, it actually adds to a growing trend. This is now the 4th different international investigation over the course of the last 16 months to conclude that the US Government was complicit in arming terrorists organizations.

In August of 2016 the US Inspector General’s audit of the Pentagon revealed that trillions of dollars of military spending and equipment transfers to the Middle East have been misplaced and are now unaccounted for in the region. In May of 2017 declassified documents obtained by Amnesty International as a result of a Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit found that the Department of Defense personally estimates over 1 billion dollars in weapons shipments to Iraq and Kuwait wound up in the hands of terrorists last year. Then, Last month in November 2017 a Congressional Government Waste Report similarly found another 1 billion dollars in weapons shipments to Iraq and Syria that were completely unaccounted for.

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