Putin Declares Victory In The War on Terror Within Syria

What I find interesting is that this information is being presented two different ways, depending on the source of news you read and your perspective on the situation. This would be the news that, earlier today on December 11th 2017, Vladimir Putin gave a self-proclaimed “victory speech” in Syria, stating the he believes Russia has won the War on Terrorism in the country and that as a result, Russia can now safely start bringing troops back home from the War torn region.

Additionally, not only has Russia decreased their overall military spending in 2017, but today marks the second time in the last 2 years that Putin has decreased Russia’s overall military presence in Syria, after he first brought troops back home following the liberation of the ancient city of Palmyra from the Islamic State in March of 2016.


However, despite reducing the overall number of troops stationed in the country, Putin took the occasion to also announce that Russia will now be establishing two “full time permanent military basis” within Syria. For those of you whom might be unaware, by forming two more military bases outside of their borders, Russia will have literally doubled their international military installments to 4. By comparison the USA currently sustains over 900 military bases outside their of borders, has increased military spending over $580 billion this year – more than 10x Russia’s annual defense budget – and has increased the overall number of troops stationed in Syria at the same time.

Browsing through international headlines throughout the day today, what I found incredibly interesting was the way things were being presented by different “press agencies” around the world. For example, Middle East Eye seemed to focus on Putin’s decision to establish new military bases in the country – deliberately negative coverage. Russia Today on the other hand, a state sponsored Russian propaganda outlet – “allegedly” – heavily focused on the troop angle – deliberately positive coverage. Yet other media installations, such as America’s Fox News or CNN, seem to have missed or avoided the announcement or news event entirely.

I suppose it depends on your perspective or opinion when it comes to Putin and his actions today, but hearing directly from the man himself is something that I am willing to bet over 95% of American society has never even seen before, which is also why I am writing this article. Lets not forget that Putin is also in an election year in 2018 and to start the year off, in a very public political maneuver, Putin has decided to ‘bring the troops back home to spend time with their families this Christmas.’

Even if you think Putin is a monster or hacked the USA, wouldn’t that also be a kind/cute gesture for every President currently involved in a conflict area to make this Holiday Season? Lastly, let us not also forget that Putin’s speech comes less than 48 hours after the Iraqi Government similarly declared victory against the Islamic State and terrorism within the country.

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