Op-Ed: Why I Oppose The Removal of Andrew Jackson’s Statue

From the perspective of someone whom has not been particularly interested in or riled up over any of the flag or statue protests across 2017 like many others have, for the first time in “History” there is a statue removal which is sparking my interest. For anyone whom is not aware, activists in New Orleans are currently petitioning their State and Local Government(s) to remove public statues of Andrew Jackson in the future, whom was the 7th President of The United States and served from 1829-1837.

This is “controversial” to me because if anyone were to ask me whom my favorite US President of all-time was, my answer would be Andrew Jackson and has been for the majority of my lifetime. When it comes to taking down statues and re-writing what future generations will learn about the history of this country, while it is one thing to take down a statue honoring a Confederate General, it is another thing entirely to do this to a US President – right? I cant imagine this could or would ever happen.

With that said though, as was reported by The Times-PicayuneThe activist group Take Em Down NOLA held a news conference on Thursday (Aug. 17) to demand the New Orleans City Council begin the process of removing more monuments and renaming places and streets they associate with racism and slavery.” The article explains that despite already removing statues of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson David and P.G.T. Beauregard earlier this summer, activists are still claiming “city leaders did not go far enough.” Moreover, “They want the statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square taken down.” These political groups are currently lobbying Government officials to make these happen sometime next year in 2018, though nothing is currently scheduled or immanent.

As a life-long resident of New England and political Libertarian, why is Andrew Jackson considered my favorite US President? I’m glad you asked! When I remember reading about US History and US Presidents throughout time, what has always stuck out to me about Jackson was that he was perhaps the strongest and most “powerful” President the US has ever had.

Whatever Jackson wanted to do, the Government and people alike followed suit and made it happen. Fast forward into today, when I look at Congress as it has existed under Obama and Trump, Congress has utterly stalled, the law making process in this country is fundamentally broken and our leaders have rendered themselves inept. Andrew Jackson presided as President at a time when the US Government was completely in sync, on the same page and all going in the same direction. This type of political leadership, acumen and power is something I have never seen demonstrated by another President or political figure in my lifetime or throughout history, which is why I idealistically hold him up in such high regard.

Most importantly of all, Andrew Jackson remains the only President in US history to close the US Central Bank. It was not until 1912, long after Jackson’s death, that the United States Government once again became controlled by a Central bank, which has since gone on to steal this Nations Equity. To this day the Fed has empowered/financed the US Federal Government to continue operating under an annual budget deficit every year since 2002 running, leaving the country nearly 21 Trillion in debt and on the verge of credit default for the 3rd time this year.

There is a reason why Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson said what they said and did what they did, they knew what they were fighting for/against and literally dedicated their lives to their causes. Personally, if I had any power in the United States Government today I would also be on the front-lines working to close America’s second and current central bank, just like Jackson once did nearly 200 years ago.

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