Month: December 2017

Russian Prisoner Admits To Hacking Hillary Clinton and DNC in 2016

I suppose it’s only fitting that one of my last articles of 2017 deals with one of the years most controversial subjects; the events leading up to and surrounding the election of Donald Trump in 2016. A man now in Russian custody for unrelated crimes has publicly admitted to carrying out the hacks on Hillary Clinton and the DNC, as well as to being the original author of the WannaCry Malware. Should we believe him?

The Short Term Effects of Net Neutrality Repeal

Less than 3 weeks after the FCC officially voted to repeal net Neutrality rules established by the Obama Administration in 2015, it turns out I might have already been proven wrong for initially supporting it. Here is a first hand look at the real world effects of Net Neutrality repeal, using the most recent bills from my website as a guide.

Twitter & Facebook Debut New Policy Changes

This past Monday Twitter and Facebook both unveiled new features and practices. Twitter is more concerned about deleting accounts used by extremists to spread hate or incite violence online, whereas Facebook is making changes to their algorithms to adjust how information gets shared across their network in the first place.

Ghost Squad Hackers Step Up Battle Against Online Terrorism

In conjunction with #OpISIS and #OpReverseCaliphate, Ghost Squad Hackers recently concluded a massive hack against the Islamic State. Included in the breach were +20 channels on Telegram used by the Islamic State, exposing countless individual accounts used by ISIS members on the service, as well as other websites and video hosting platforms used by the terrorists.

Russia Expanding Electronic Warfare Underwater?

A new report by the British Armed Forces warns that the worlds underwater electrical and internet infrastructure is particularly vulnerable right now, and could therefore become a target of hostile actors in the future. Here is a look at what the future of Warfare will look like out on the open seas.