Best Buy, Office Depot & Circuit City All Remove Kapersky Products from Shelves

Last month I bought a computer and as I was shopping around the store, I went out of my way to purchase the last Kapersky Labs Anti-Virus that Best Buy had in stock. As it turns out this was a very “prompt” decision to have made because, later that same week, Best Buy made the official decision to pull all Kapersky products from their shelves. This was somewhat funny for me to hear because, at the time I was purchasing the product in store, I had made the remark to my friends that I had to buy the anti-virus when I saw it, because Kapersky was starting to get banned all around the country.

However, Best Buy is not alone. As of October 9th 2017, Circuit City and Office Depot have also made the decision to pull all Kapersky Labs products from their shelves. Not only this, but the two companies have taken it a step further by going on to offer to uninstall Kapersky software systems from their customers computers – completely free of charge.

In case you are not exactly caught up to speed on this issue, in light of recent “evidence,” many people around the United States now believe that Kapersky Labs, a Russian based software conglomerate, handed over confidential information regarding their customers accounts, records and devices directly to the Kremlin. In this way it is thought that Kapersky acted as a “front” for the Russian Government or Russian Intelligence.

To put this in perspective, considering that Kapersky is used by millions of people around the world, theoretically including Federal Employees, members of the United States Armed Forces and even Congress, these events could have been potentially devastating for America’s “National Security.” People have also begun to “insinuate” that secret glitches in Kapersky’s software could also explain many of the confidential leaks throughout 2016, particularly those surrounding the now infamous US Presidential election.

As a result of these events, over the course of the last several months, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security have not only banned Federal Employees from owning Kapersky products in the future, but the agencies have also been lobbying American business owners to abandon Kapersky products all the same. This explains why all of these stores have been removing Kapersky’s products from their shelves over the last several weeks.

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Knowing all of this very well personally, you might then ask why I chose to buy Kapersky‘s anti-virus software in the first place? The answer is simple, regardless of where the company makes birth – Russia – it is literally the worlds best anti-virus software for Windows computer systems. Multiple international security tests have gone on to prove this across 2017, which is also why so many people have chosen to install Kapersky products on their computers in the first place.

Essentially, I am more worried about some random hacker trying to get into my computer systems than I am Vladimir Putin himself. This is also why I choose to protect my computer with Kapersky, despite all of the “hoopla” currently surrounding the company recently. With that said, now that I have installed the software first hand I see how “invasive” the software really is – it is almost too much. If Kapersky was ever compromised by the Russian Government, they could “literally” own every file on my computer through Kapersky’s software if they really wanted.

I hear that AVG and Norton are 1A and 1B in terms of security, so perhaps I will look into these companies more closely when my license with Kapersky expires next year.

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