How To Read & Write Binary Code

When it comes to reading and writing binary code, it is most likely a skill that you will never actually need to practice, but wouldn’t it be cool if you knew how? I seem to think so, which is why I have put together this breif article teaching you how to learn, read and write binary language in 15 minutes or less.  Believe it or not, yes, that is possible and while you might not be the fastest binary translator in the world after this article, you will still at least know what to do with it when you see it.

Before we get into the lessons, in order to understand how to translate ones and zeros into alphabetic words and sentences, you are going to have to understand the math involved. This involves learning how to write a “weighted table” designed specifically for binary language, which allows you to translate and decrypt the code itself. While this may sound complicated, it really isn’t. So put on your thinking caps, try to avoid distractions and watch the following 10 minute educational video:

Now that you understand the math involved, here is how to turn those numbers into letters, words and sentences to fully decrypt messages.

Here are some some small tips that I have also found helpful to remember when reading/writing binary code:

  • If the first three letters are 010 this means it is a capitol letter
  • If the first three letters are 011 this means if is a lower case letter
  • if the first three letters are 001 this means you are looking at a punctuation mark
  • If the last 5 digits are 00000 this means you are looking at a space between words

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