CIA Ending Its Rein of Terror Inside Syria

Outside of circles in the United States, the Central Intelligence Agency is considered by some to be the largest terror organization in the entire world. Not only is the CIA accused of assisting Osama Bin laden against “Russian aggression” in Afghanistan in the early 1980’s, but more recently the CIA has been implicated in the removal of President Qaddafi in Libya, the appointment of President Sisi through military coup in Egypt, the failed military coup of President Erdogan in Turkey and to a limited degree, the training of several leaders of the Islamic State, whom are known to have been held at CIA blacksites in Iraq before ultimately going on to form the caliphate. However, this behavior may slowly be coming to an end under our current President, at least in one country.

According to multiple reports out of Washington D.C. this week, high ranking officials within the Trump Administration have announced their intentions to scale back military interventions in Syria. More specifically, the the United States Central Intelligence Agency will no longer be funding, training or equipping rebel troops on the ground in Syria to continue their bloody War against President Bashar al-Assad.

In response to an article by Amnesty International on July 10th 2017, The Daily Proletariat noted how the Syrian Civil War could have never started, never mind continue on to this day, without the direct funding of the United States and United Kingdom, whom have each literally invested billions of dollars selling and/or shipping weapons, bombs and vehicles to various organizations on the ground across the Middle East – including the Syrian “rebels.” With the news that Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo are now going to cut off the CIA inside Syria, we may soon finally see the Syrian Civil War coming to an end.

As originally reported by The Washington Post on Wednesday July 19th 2017, “President Trump has decided to end the CIA’s covert program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels battling the government of Bashar al-Assad, a move long sought by Russia, according to U.S. officials.” Adding that while the news became public knowledge just this week, “Officials said Trump made the decision to scrap the CIA program nearly a month ago, after an Oval Office meeting with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and national security adviser H.R. McMaster ahead of a July 7 meeting in Germany with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to one high ranking official whom spoke to the The Washington Post about the news, this means that “Putin won in Syria.” This is also a sentiment which has been picked up and expressed by various news organizations around the world in the days to follow.

As reported by The Daily Proletariat on March 15th 2017, according to statistics assembled from various human rights organizations around the world, “over the last 6 years since War first broke out in 2011, over 400,000 Syrians have died and nearly 20% of Syrian nationals have fled the country to live as refugees.” Noting that, “as for the people who stayed, the United Nations now says that more than half of Syria’s population is in need of immediate humanitarian assistance with conditions worsening by the day.

While many people, especially within the US, have traditionally supported the rebels as a lesser of all evils compared to a brutal dictator like Assad, keep in mind that for any War to rage on there needs to be two sides fighting to carry on the conflict. The fact of the matter is that US backed rebels are the ones whom first started this War to begin with and have gone on to kill hundreds of thousands of people in their own right. No matter how much you dislike Assad, the rebels are far from innocent in this whole affair and have plenty of blood on their hands. Regardless of which “side” of the debate you find yourself on, lets hope for everyone’s sake that Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo’s decision this month will indeed take us a step closer to a world with one less War.

Lastly, while liberals are attempting to twist this story to make it appear as though Donald Trump is catering to the will of Vladimir Putin, furthering the whole ‘Russian collusion’ angle, I point to a number of Presidential debates Trump had with Hillary Clinton about this subject last year. For example, I specifically remember Hillary Clinton stating that short of a full military invention in Syria, there was no path to victory for the United States there. This was because Putin and the Russian military had already gone all in for the country and it was essentially too late for the US to accomplish anything there without declaring outright War with Russia in the process.


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