Op-Ed: Understanding How Religious Extremism Compounds Itself on A Global Level

I am writing this article in response to a string of protests that occurred in over two dozen cities across the United States this weekend. Though the protests were originally organized as “anti-Sharia Law” gatherings, the surprising news to come out of the days event was that the number of counter protestors which gathered in response ended up far surpassing the anti-Muslim protestors. While this was a pleasant surprise which restored a little more of my faith in humanity, it is still a disturbing event to have to report on in the first place.

It is no secret by now that billionaire liberal philanthropists such as George Soros have been responsible for funding countless protests in the United States over the last few years, protests which were designed to make conservatives and their ideologies appear more unpopular in public settings than perhaps they really were. All you need to know is that, essentially, the anti-Sharia protests this weekend are one example of affluent conservatives trying beat their liberal counterparts at the same game in 2017.

However, considering that the President of the United States is having trouble passing his own Executive Orders into law these days, you have to ask yourself what all of these protest are really about? I mean, these people have to know that there is literally a zero percent chance that Sharia Law is ever going to replace the Constitution inside the United States – right? So, what is this even all about then?

Sadly, the answer is found in religious extremism and yes, there is such a thing as “radical Christianity.” As if the people whom organized, funded, advertised and ultimately attended these types anti-Sharia/Muslim protests are not evidence enough for you, then you might also remember all of those “good people” over at Westboro Baptist Church?

Hate Does Fuel Hate

There is a theory within metaphysics known as “The Law of Attraction,” which essentially implies that negative actions breed negative consequences and/or results. I honestly believe that all of these extremist Christians at Westboro Baptist or at these anti-Sharia protests all believe they are “righteous” and standing up for their faith, it is just a shame they remain utterly clueless how their actions actually wind up enhancing terrorism at the same time.

If you want some “intelligence” to corroborate my point of view on this matter, look no further than the Manchester terror attack of June 2017. Believe it or not, the ground work for this act of terrorism was originally laid by a large group of British Nationalists known as Britain First, whom have been organizing/advancing “anti-Mosque” and “anti-Islam” protests throughout Britain for many years now.

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Not only is Britain First one of the countries largest political organizations, but their mission statement literally calls to establish Christianity as the Nations “official” religion, calls for the closing of Mosques throughout the country and a complete shut down of future Islamic immigration. For reasons that should be quite obvious for anyone to see, Britain First has demonstrated themselves to be a dangerous group of religious extremists, fighting on behalf of a hate filled and discriminatory ideology.

As reported by Alternative Medi4 on April 15th 2017, a group of hackers foretold of a terror attack to occur in Britain on June 3rd 2017. Though it did not happen exactly as outlined, unfortunately, it did indeed end up happening. It also just so happens that the terrorists whom perpetrated the act were doing so in retaliation for the actions/marches of Britain First in their community. This is how the actions of “extremist Christians” resulted in actions by “extremist Muslims.

Lets use another example to help demonstrate this phenomenon, shall we? Look no further than the political rise of America’s current President, Donald Trump. You might remember that throughout 2015 and 2016, both he and pundits like him made it a point to say “radical Islam” on a regular basis, even going as far as to criticize Democrats and President Obama for refusing to say “Islam” in response to acts of terror. Why wont he say it they asked?

What Donald Trump and the “conservative media” failed to realize at the time was that Obama had access to highly classified information and resources, intelligence which clearly indicated how dangerous it is to lump all Muslims together by using the term Islam to describe the actions of a small group of people. Remember, statistically speaking, members of the Islamic State make up fractions of 1% of all Muslims on Earth. Quite simply, lumping all Muslims together with the actions of ISIS is just plain ignorant.

To this very point, many of Donald Trumps statements on the campaign trail were actually turned around and used against him, used by terrorist to recruit more/new members overseas. Think about it, you have the President of the worlds largest army regularly saying that he/we will be going to War with Islam in some form or fashion as soon as he is elected. The terrorists then turn around and use his words to say look, the War is coming! Be prepared to fight! By making such careless/asinine statements in public, Trump and talking heads like him actually wind up creating more terrorists in the future.

To this very point, now that Donald Trump is in office and has access to the same intelligence that Obama once had, you might have noticed how Trump explicitly refuses to say “radical Islam” anymore – for the very reasons mentioned above. Now that he has access to the same information/intelligence, he has learned better of it. Look no further than Trumps first visit to the Middle East, where the term “radical Islam” has now been deliberately replaced by the term “radical ideology.” It is truly amazing the impact just one word can make given some perspective!

My point here is, if our President can learn better and learn from his mistakes, then society must follow suit. It does not mean you are a terrorist or an ISIS sympathizer if you defend a Muslim from being discriminated against or harassed in public or online, even if it is being done by a Christian or vice versa. You would simply be doing the “right thing.

The fact of the matter is that we are never going to defeat hate and extremism with more hate and extremism, as I hope I have just explained in a small way, the two just wind up perpetuating an endless cycle. It is cause and effect, the law of attraction at work. This is also why “the civilized people of the world” must all come together to condemn extremist rhetoric on all sides, no matter the perpetrator.

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