Reports: Donald Trump “Leaks” Classified Information to Russian Leaders

Reports that Donald Trump has “leaked” classified material to Russian leaders regarding the whereabouts of members of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are the number one trending story on Facebook News right now. However, considering that the United States military has been coordinating terrorist targets with leaders in Russia since August 2016, here is why these reports must be called out as “fake news.

Believe it or not, dating back to 2014, it has been the Russians whom have taken back more territory from the Islamic State than any other country – including the United States. Moreover, looking at the situation independently, Russia’s military tends to be much more “efficient” than the US military on a smaller scale. Whereas the United States military tries to fight Wars of attrition and soldiers literally have to ask permission before firing their own weapons on the battlefield, Russia just destroys things to a pulp outright and doesn’t give a “F*ck” how they accomplish it.

For example, in the Battle for East Aleppo Russian forces warned the locals that they intended to bomb their neighborhoods the following week. Russian forces were advising everyone who lived in there to evacuate immediately, before the bombing begun. Then, just as they promised, the Russian military demolished the city one block at a time – regardless of how many people decided to evacuate or not.

As other journalists have noted, the Russian military has also developed the same reputation for destruction in Chechnya and Eastern Ukraine. Meaning that Russia’s activity is not happenstance, for better or worse, this is exactly how the Russian military conducts themselves in battle. Depending on which side of the battle you find yourself on or where your allegiances may lay, for however brutal they might be, Russia’s military is pretty “efficient” at what they do.

The term “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes to mind, but if members of the US and Russian military can agree on selected terrorist targets in the country, why wouldn’t we want to eliminate them? One could also argue that this type of information sharing would only be to the benefit of the US and the US led coalition’s War on Terrorism in the country.

What are The Facts

It is a known fact that the Russian military has directly been coordinating with US leaders, including John Kerry, dating back to September of 2016. This was when the Obama Administration and members of the US military made the decision to disclose the locations of several US bases in Syria to the Kremlin, something the US military had previously kept classified. This was done for two reasons, to ensure that Russian forces would never “accidently” bomb a US base and second, to swap information regarding potential Islamic State or terrorist targets in the region.

Therefore, if Donald Trump is “guilty” of leaking classified military material to the Russians in 2017, then Barack Obama was surely guilty of it in 2016. So, why all of a sudden is there media outrage over this information right now?

This story is riding on the coattails of other stories regarding Donald Trump and Russia over recent weeks/months.  At this point though, no matter what Trumps says/does in regard to Russia, even if it is good/positive, someone out there is always going to attach it to some sort of conspiracy in the future. That is all this “news” is to me, an exaggerated story meant to be controversial and highly publicized. As I have already explained, replace the words “Donald Trump” with “Barack Obama” and you could have literally written this same article/story last September.

What Trump did with Russia the other day is simply what leaders of countries do with one another on an everyday basis. I imagine when the leaders of any countries get together for important conversations regarding dueling War efforts, you can be that they are going to be discussing a lot of “classified information” each and every time they meet. I am not a Trump supporter, but to quote Donald Trump, I find all of these particular reports to be nothing more than “fake news.

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