Analysis: James Comey’s Firing

Though I do believe James Comey gave Hillary Clinton a “pass” on her classified emails because she was “winning” a Presidential race at the time, I do not believe this is the primary reason why James Comey was fired this week. While the Clinton Investigation may have been a factor in the Trump Administrations decision to fire Jim Comey, I think it has more to do with the remarks he made before Senate last week.

It is not everyday that the Director of the FBI addresses the US Senate on live television and I do not think it was any “coincidence” that Comey was fired less than a week after doing so. I say this because many of Comey’s comments seemed to be at odds with overall “agenda” of Donald Trump. For example Comey’s stances on protecting journalists and leaked sources of material, something that Trump has wanted the FBI and others to start cracking down upon in the future.

Some “News Agencies” are now “speculating” that Donald Trump fired James Comey to derail the FBI’s investigation into members of the Trump Administration and their “alleged” ties to Russian sponsors; oligarchs, extortionists and/or blackmailers. It is important to understand that the FBI’s investigation into Russia is just one of many investigations currently under way in regards to the same topic.

For example, the US Senate and House of Representatives are each carrying out their own investigations. The United States Department of Justice and FBI are two other “Government Organizations”  also investigating US-Russia relations and the US election of 2016. This is also why you shouldn’t necessarily buy into “the media’s” narrative implying that Donald Trump fired James Comey to ‘sabotage the Russia Investigation.’

Donald Trump couldn’t fire enough people to make each and every Russia investigation go away, let alone one person. As for the Trump – Russia investigation itself, I have now heard at least 3 former heads of Intelligence Divisions say that Donald Trump is not the primary “target” of any Russian investigations and all have essentially “cleared” his name in all of this.

That having been said, these investigations are primarily directed towards members of the Donald Trumps “Presidential Cabinet.” As for how this may effect Trump himself, Trump has been telling us for years that he considers himself more of a manager and would appoint the appropriate people to proper place once in office – if elected. Like Mitt Romney in 2012, Trump has also surrounded himself with a great deal of “political advisors.

It just so happens that many of Trumps political advisors on the campaign trail in 2016 are now serving “Government office” in 2017. Even if Trump may have not been “compromised” by the Russians himself, many current members of his cabinet or inner circle may have been. If so, they might now be giving the President corrupted advise to act/make decisions upon. This is ultimately what these investigations are trying to find out, it is very literally a matter of “National Security.

Tying back in with the firing of FBI Director James Comey, I find it incredibly relevant that James Comey was fired less than a week after addressing US Senate for the first time in months. It is also “interesting” that this news broke less than 24 hours before the US Senate was scheduled to deliver their first address to the public regard the Senate Intelligence Committees investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

Did you happen to hear any reporting on the Senates conference? But I bet you have heard a whole lot about James Comey’s firing – right? Some people are also arguing that is/was the point of James Comeys firing this week, to distract/manipulate “the news cycle” ahead of an event that might not have gone over so well in the press for Trump or the Republicans. While it is perhaps unsubstantiated, this is something Trump has been accused of before.

You might also remember that, the day before Jeff Session held a press conference to recuse himself from his own Department’s investigation into his alleged Russian ties, Trump infamously Tweeted out that Obama was a “bad or sick guy” and the headlines exploded. This Tweet and the alleged “wiretapping” has also continued to get reported on to this day, no one has been reporting on the Department of Justice’s investigation.

Perhaps by design, or perhaps it is just a “coincidence.

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