Alt-Right Leaders are Dropping Left and Right in 2017

In less than a years time, it is truly staggering to see just how far from grace the alt-right political movement has fallen in this country. Despite successfully working to get Donald Trump and political conservatives elected across the country in 2016, 2017 has been far from kind to these media types.

Last year alt-right pundits/provocateurs such as like Alex Jones, Tomi Lahren, Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos were on cloud nine, leaders of internet “news.” This year however, each of these media personalities have since been fired or let go, some even find themselves in court over the same work which once made them famous.

Tomi Lahren – fired

Tomi Lahren burst onto the scene in 2016, quickly gaining over 4 million followers on social media while hosting one of Youtube’s most popular channels. In line with many of the alt-right media types, Lahren’s brand was belligerence, intentionally making polarizing and controversial statements just to get people to riled up and emotional. The cover photo of her Facebook account literally reads ‘whether you love what I am saying or hate what I am saying, you are having a reaction to it.” Like other alt-right pundits, the more controversial she made herself, the more attention/coverage she received.

Tomi’s fall from grace really started once she stepped off her own set and onto the sets of others, where she was exposed for her political inconsistencies. Essentially, it is one thing to talk/act tough while reading from a teleprompter hosting your own solo show, it is another thing entirely to intellectually defend your positions in live time in front of a hostile audience, something Lahren failed miserably at.

It really started at the end of November 2016, after Lahren accepted an invite to The Daily Show with Trever Noah. By all accounts, Lahren proceeded to lose every debate with the host and came off looking rather foolish in the process. It was not until March 2017 however, that Lahren was finally fired after conducting an interview on The View.

Despite being one of the leaders of the alt-right movement and an alleged conservative Christian, Lahren told The View that she was pro-choice when it comes to women’s rights on abortion. This did not sit well with her devoutly religious employer Glenn Beck, whom immediately suspended Lahrens show upon hearing her remarks. Then, after Lahren threatened to sue Glenn Beck, she was promptly fired from the network entirely. Glenn Back has now issued a counter-suit against Lahren, alleging that she was abusive to her staff on a regular basis, claiming her misconduct at work is the reason why she was ultimately fired.

Lahren has yet to find a new job and her Facebook feed is filled with old recycled videos from her time spent on The Blaze in months past.

Steve Bannon – fired/removed from White House Staff

Steve Bannon literally gave birth to the alt-right and if there was ever a President of the movement, it would be him. After working to put Breitbart News on the map, Bannon now works as chief strategist and speech writer for Donald Trump. Nearly every speech you have heard Donald Trump give over the course of the last year has been written for him by Bannon, part of the reason Bannon was recently quoted as saying that “I made Donald Trump.

As for why Bannon made such a remark in the first place, it is because Donald Trump removed him from the National Security Council two weeks ago and additional reports this week suggest that Bannon is on the verge of being fired outright. Not only has Donald Trump seen his approval rating decline over the course of the last few weeks, but several of his Executive Orders have been struck down by Federal courts for being “un-Constitutional.” These orders also happened to have been written by Bannon himself.

Add to this recent conflicts with Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kuschner and it appears like Steve Bannon’s career in the White House will soon be coming to an end, less than 100 days after it started.

Alex Jones – Admits to being a crisis actor in court

Alex Jones is a self proclaimed “conspiracy theorist,” but for some reason this has not stopped many people from listening to his radio program on a regular basis, or religiously following his online blog.

Over the years, Alex Jones has peddled such stories as ‘Obama Will Declare Martial Law and Proclaim Himself Dictator of The USA‘  and ‘The Sandy Hook Shooting Was A Political Hoax.‘ Stories like this are also not the exception, they were the norm. Despite the insanity of his claims though, Jones hosts one of America’s most popular radio programs, has over 1.2 billion YouTube views and +1.5 million followers on Facebook.

However, his professional success has now resulted in personal downfall. Alex Jones is currently in court, facing losing custody and/or access to all 3 children for the same on-air comments which have made him famous. His wife, Kelly Jones, has said that Alex Jones “is not a stable person” and worries that because Alex produces his shows from home, that it could subject her children to his “incendiary behavior.

Faced with loosing all of his children because of his extremist behavior, Alex Jones is finally admitting that his whole show is a lie. According to a story by Newsweek, Jone’s attorney has said in court that he “is a performance artist whose true personality is nothing like his on-air persona.” Jones is essentially coming clean and admitting that he is nothing more than a crisis actor, intentionally peddling extreme or made up stories to attract viewers/attention and sell material.

While it is relieving to hear that Alex Jones openly admits he is fake news, unfortunately, it will never take away from the damage he has caused over the years and all the people he has indoctrinated/brain washed in the process.

Milo Yiannopoulos – resigns

Milo is an alleged homosexual, whom had to resign from Breitbart after publicly endorsing pedophilia. That pretty much sums up Milo’s career right there.

Milo presided as Breitbart’s chief strategists during the companies largest period of growth in its history. He was also the worlds foremost “provocateur” and had a unique talent for making statements or writing stories that attracted extremists from both sides of the political isle. In a day in age where you couldn’t pay people to attend public speeches, Milo literally had people beating down the doors to hear him speak. However, his “popularity” also lead to his downfall.

Everywhere Milo seemed to go, mass protests and/or riots followed. This all culminated in a 2017 riot at Berkeley University where “protestors” calling themselves “anarchists” set fire to the campus library and caused extensive amounts of damage. Despite initial reports claiming these were liberal demonstrators protesting against the conservatives appearance at their University, cyber security analysts and the hacking community exposed how these people were actually followers Milo and members the alt-right, whom coordinated the protest/riot in order to make liberals look extreme and/or dangerous.

Moreover, analysts suggested that Milo had used the deep web and possibly Bitcoin to pay these people to come to his events and act violent/extreme. The incident made international headlines for days on end and even received a Tweet from President Trump himself, all the publicity/advertising Milo and the alt-right could ever ask for.

However, combining his explosive rhetoric, with allegations of paying rioters to attend his events, on top of deplorable statements apparently endorsing pedophilia, it all became too much and he was ultimately asked/forced to resign from Breitbart. Since the time of his firing/resignation, Milo has laid low and thankfully remained out of the headlines.

Despite his experience as Breitbart editor, given his track record and professional portfolio, it is unlikely that Milo will ever be able to find another job with any respectable publishing agency in the future. It is just unfortunate that Breitbart even gave him such a large public platform in the first place.

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