Controversial British Nationalist Movement Hacked

As first reported by, a prominent but controversial group of British nationalists known as “Britain First” was hacked earlier this week. At the time of their article Independent reported that no one had claimed responsibility for the hack, but this was not accurate. Ghost Squad Hackers have now claimed responsibility, sending an ominous message by simply stating “Round 1” – hinting that more actions are on the way.

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Britain First comprises of a group of far right, conservative, Christian British nationalists whom are fighting to “take their country back” from what they perceive to be an influx of immigrants and Muslims, which are allegedly destroying British culture and societal values. According to the groups mission statement, they are a “no nonsense resistance movement” that is “not open to compromise” while fighting to “defend British heritage and culture” against “leftwing-liberal policies, political correctness, foreigners, asylum seekers or migrants.

Furthermore, the group claims that “Christianity is under ferocious assualt” and they will fight to “restore Christianity as the bedrock and foundation of our national life” as Britons. To do this, Britain First says they “will slam shut the door to any further immigration,” as to “make Britain a beautiful country once again where you can leave your door unlocked and your children can play in the streets.

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Needless to say, Britain First has demonstrated themselves to be a dangerous group of religious extremists, fighting on behalf of a hate filled and discriminatory ideology. This is also the sort of behavior which has subjected the group to increased levels of scrutiny around the world, ultimately leading to the hack and threats against them this week.

Earlier this week the website and Twitter account attached to Britain First was hacked and defaced, including bomb threats against an upcoming rally the group has planned on June 3rd 2017. Paul Golding, leader of Britain First, also had his Twitter account hacked and name changed to “Racist F*cking Chav.” The hackers then used his account to post/disclose all of Golding’s personal information, including address, number, email and much more.

Upon hacking the website, the hackers leaked the personal details of Deputy Leader Jayla Fransen and demanded that the group “stop being racist to Muslims.” The hackers then warned that anyone who attends Britian First’s march on June 3rd “will die,” because “several bombs will detonate.

As for the hackers themselves, outside of Anonymous, Ghost Squad has gone to become perhaps the worlds most prominent groups of international hackers. While the group does not claim to fight on behalf of any specific ideology, government or religion, the group is thought to be primarily comprised of Muslims throughout Middle East region. More than likely, this is also the reason why Ghost Squad has chosen to make Britain First their next target.

Ghost Squad is currently wanted by the FBI and while they may be cyber criminals, they are not “terrorists” or killers. I have no doubt that these bomb threats are empty, meaning that the group is simply trying to send a message and scare people from attending. Despite committing “cyber crimes” around the world, Ghost Squad also fights for peace and understanding. I feel confident in saying that no bombs will be going off June 3rd.

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