Fact Checking Mike Pompeo’s First Public Speech

Directly after dropping our largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan, CIA Director Mike Pompeo gave his first public speech since taking office and used it to address many of the concerns currently facing the US intelligence community. Upon watching however, I became very concerned about the message he was sending to the American public and felt compelled to write a reaction to it.

At certain points in his speech I felt as though Pompeo was talking to the public as though they were completely oblivious and had no previous understanding of the issues at hand. In a much broader sense, it felt like Pompeo was trying to indoctrinate people by telling them what they should believe, rather than presenting an accurate and honest assessment of the facts at hand. Ultimately, this is why I will be fact checking some of the statements he made today, to give both sides of the story and let you decide for yourself.

Before you get into the article, you can see his entire speech below….

RT Is A Propaganda Outlet Which Collaborates With Wikileaks – false

For the last time, everything being fair and equal, if we are going to label Russia Today a “propaganda outlet” then we must label Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, Fox and Friends and the like as “propaganda” all the same. These “news” organizations do for the US, exactly what Pompeo is accusing RT of doing for Russia on a daily basis – propping up stories to shine their Government/President and his nationalistic policies in a positive light for the viewing public. Your perception of what constitutes propaganda and what does not depends entirely upon which country you pledge your allegiance to, literally nothing else.

Moreover, there is absolutely no proof that Russia Today ever collaborated with Wikileaks or directly leaked any material to them – that is hearsay. Given the high ratings and web traffic Wikileaks generates from their releases, if RT originally had any such material themselves, why would they give it to Wikileaks instead of publishing it themselves? The fact of the matter is that Russia Today has never exclusively published leaked information of any kind on their site.

Meanwhile, American news organizations such as The Washington Post have repeatedly and openly published leaked documents from inside the US Government over the same time. Under Pompeo’s logic, this would make The Washington Post far more dangerous to our Western Democracy and Government than RT.

Lastly, Pompeo proclaims that “click-bait” is the language of Russian propagandists and while this is true, it is asinine to act like leading American media outlets have not been caught doing the same. Remember what I said about Fox being American propaganda for a US audience? Look no further than Fox’s public apology for operating multiple fake news and click bait sites earlier this year.

The CIA Doesn’t hack or Conduct Surveillance on American Citizens – false

In the spirit of being transparent, I applied for clandestine service with the CIA in the spring of 2014, but was ultimately denied because I admitted smoking weed on a regular basis on my application. What I was not told until a later date is that any admission of drug use is an automatic disqualification from Federal work, you know how them high horse riding, ivy league, ivory tower folk are about that sort of thing…

Do you want to know how I know that the CIA hacks American citizens? It is because I was hacked by the CIA in 2015.

Despite my failure to enter into the US intelligence community, I still wanted to help my country, make a difference in this world and take down bad people all across the world. It just so happens that in my adventures I came across an online wiki/list of +7,000 active DarkNet.onion web pages featuring everything from Hit-Men services to forged passports to drug sales, which I then leaked to the CIA. Keep in mind I did this under an alias, protected by a VPN and proxy, through an alternative email service.

Despite this however, the CIA managed to respond to my email. Not through the email address I sent the information through mind you, but my real life personal inbox. Though it was nothing malicious and the CIA just wanted to send me the message that they knew who I was, I was still hacked by the CIA nonetheless.

Mike Pompeo also used part of his speech to tell people what the CIA does and while I do not dispute anything he said, I will just tell you what the CIA told me that day. “The CIA is not a law enforcement agency, they are an intelligence gathering agency.” This is why after they hacked me, the CIA told me to leak any future information to the FBI.

If my personal experience is not enough evidence for you, multiple corporations have gone on to independently confirm the CIA exploits released by Wikileaks Vault 7. If the CIA does not hack or conduct illegal surveillance on anyone, why would they exclusively own all of these hacking tools, zero-days and exploits in the first place? Pompeo’s statements on the matter simply do not stack up with the evidence.

Wikileaks Was Given Intelligence by Covert Russian Operatives – unproven

I have no reservations whatsoever that Russia attempted to meddle in the US election and has indubitably developed various means to hack into different levels of the United States Government. After-all, Russia is harboring Edward Snowden and if anyone had the knowledge to hack into different Government agencies such as the NSA, it would be Snowden. With that said, there is no direct evidence that Russian intelligence leaked material to Wikileaks to publish on their site.

Love him or hate him, all Assange really does is publish raw information for people to digest however they will. It makes sense that if you were the US Government for example, you wouldn’t be all that happy about it either and the CIA’s stance on the matter certainly follows. Taking Assange at his word though, it was not Russia who leaked all the material on Hillary Clinton, John Podesta or the DNC. Assange even said that it “could have been a 12 year old” for all anyone knows. This statement also has more credibility to it than allegations of Russian intelligence.

For example, the original Guccifer who went on to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails was from Romania, a strategic US and NATO ally, not Russia. Moreover, former Director of the CIA John Brennan was literally hacked by dope smoking American teenagers living inside the country.

Do you really think these hacks are isolated, that there is no possibility whatsoever that the leaks didn’t come from “Russian sources“? Considering that there has been no definitive proof submitted by the US Government confirming Russia’s role, the chances are more than likely than not that Russian hackers had nothing to do with some, if not most of the information on Wikileaks.

Even if you hate Assange and what he does, you can not take away from the fact that everything he has published on Wikileaks is 100% true/real material. As a journalist, Assange has an unblemished record of credibility. Given the fact that he is already wanted for releasing this material anyways, there would be no reason for him to lie about his source(s), and he continues to maintain it was not Russia.

Encryption Is The Enemy and Strong Encryption Services Have Made The United States Less Safe – false

If there is one thing the hack of the NSA has taught us, it is that strong encryption is more important today than ever. Jeff Session, acting US Attorney General, is on record in 2017 as stating that he supports strong encryption rights, but adds that the Federal Government must still be able to crack it whenever they want. What I honestly do not think Sessions understands is that this is not how encryption actually works and this is exactly the type of logic which has made this country and everyone in it less safe over the course of the last 2-3 years.

Not only is every device in America now mandated by law to be hack-able by the Federal Government, but the Federal Government has since been hacked on several different occasions. This means that all the tools necessary to hack all of these devices, which the Government used to keep privately for themselves, are now freely available to hackers around the world. In retrospect, the FBI and Federal Government’s War on Encryption following the San Bernadino – Apple case has actually made every American in this country less safe and more vulnerable to cyber threats.

This is also why “privacy advocates” as Pompeo calls them, have been adamantly lobbying Government to protect strong encryption rights over recent years. But don’t take it from me, just look up what acting US Senators Rand Paul and Ron Wyden have to say about all of this, I guarantee they will agree entirely with my assessment here.

Mike Pompeo also stated how Edward Snowden and his leaks have negatively impacted the US Government and law enforcement by making their job’s much harder in the years which followed. While this is technically speaking true and Edward Snowden did commit an act of treason, to his credit he did expose how the US Government committes illegal and unconstitutional acts against the US public themselves.

I thought that no one was above the law, regardless of their current position in Government? That regardless of their position in Government, everyone is a United States citizen first and foremost and accountable to the same laws that govern everyone else in society?

Yet no one working for our Government has ever been charged with a crime or lost their job as a result of the information exposed by Snowden. This doesn’t exactly do much to improve the US public’s trust in our Government, which is also why many people now sympathize with Snowden and relate him closely to a modern day Thomas Paine.

Regardless, this whole discussion leads me directly to the last statements I would like to fact check.

The CIA upholds The Values of The US Constitution – somewhat false

I certainly do not think the CIA is the enemy of this country and I have no doubt that CIA offices are full of Patriots as Pompeo proclaims them to be. However, as Oscar Wilde once said, “Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious” and in the spirit of advancing US interests, both the US and our CIA have overthrown countless Governments and negatively effected the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the process.

This is not to mention the fact that Osama Bin Laden was once on the CIA payroll in the 1970’s, to defend against Russian interests in the country – look how well that turned out. Coincidentally enough, tying back to the very first sentence of this article, are you wondering why the US just dropped that bomb in Afghanistan?….

Another example comes in the form of various CIA black-sites which can be found all around world, such as Guantanamo Bay, which are used to hold prisoners outside US borders/jurisdiction, so that Government officials can operate outside the restrictions/confines of the US Constitution. These black-sites literally exist so the CIA doesn’t have to follow the Constitution, it really does not get more blatant than that.

Lastly, as the leak of Vault 7 has shown, the CIA has been violating the 4th Amendment of the Constitution for decades on end. Not only has the CIA hacked and spied on American citizens, such as myself, but the CIA has also hacked into some of the world largest corporations in order to access and record their data  many of these corporations are American. All of this has been done in secret and without obtaining a legal warrant for the activity, a clear violation of the 4th Amendment.

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