The Shadow Brokers Release NSA Exploits In Protest of Trumps Bombing of Syria

Before Wikileaks released Vault 7 from inside the CIA in February 2017, the NSA was hacked by a group of hackers known as “The Shadow Brokers” in July 2016. At the time no one seemed to know anything about the group, but the information they obtained was certainly world class.

At first the group teased some of the NSA tools on the DarkNet, before ultimately attempting to sell the entire package to the highest bidder in an online auction. However, the auction was cancelled in October before it even began. While it was never confirmed, many cyber security experts suggested that the auction closed because it was designed to be nothing more than a honeypot, meant to attract/hack and conduct surveillance on any person willing to show up. Others suggests that there was no safe way for The Shadow Brokers to transfer all of their files to another user without compromising their security/privacy in the process.

Regardless, for whatever reason, the complete package of exploits was never released in its entirety.

For the next several months to follow the group kept a relatively low profile, occasionally leaking files from time to time just stay in the headlines and remain relevant. It was not until January 12th 2016, ten days before Donald Trump was inaugurated into office, that the Shadow Brokers came out with a press release announcing their intentions to essentially retire by  “exiting the world stage.

No one has heard from the group since but this all changed on April 8th 2016, two days following Donald Trumps decision to launch 59 missiles against a Syrian military base,  allegedly destroying as much as 20% of all Syria’s aircraft. This is when The Shadow Brokers came back online with a press release condemning Donald Trumps actions and accusing him of failing to live up to his campaign promises.

For the purposes of keeping this article short I am not going to summarize their statements, if you really care about this story I advise to read their release straight from the source – it is pretty interesting stuff.

The Shadow Brokers Press Release:

I know what you are all thinking because I though it too, clearly The Shadow Brokers must be Russians and their release of NSA tools was in direct retaliation for the US strike on a Russian ally. However, if we are to take the group at their word, this simply isn’t true. The Shadow Brokers also used their press release as an opportunity to reveal more about themselves to the world, claiming not to be Russian operatives but instead former members of the US Military.

The group claims to have released the newest batch of files from inside the NSA not in retaliation on behalf of the Russian or Syrian Government, but in protest of US military actions abroad in general. The group does not want to see another US War on foreign soil and appears to be completely anti-War in general. The Shadow Brokers also used the events as an opportunity the send message, warning Donald Trump not to follow the line of other Administrations by engaging in another War on behalf of Zionists, Globalists and international Jewish bankers such as Goldman-Sachs.

Alternative Analysis

Just an analysis of the document and their use language, the document was written in anger and malice. I would say that English is either not their first language or they typed with an intentional speech pattern to sound “ghetto” or inner city. If they are American this would suggest that the writers themselves are not Caucasian, most likely African. Regardless, a group of people that diverse, talented and educated would not talk/speak like that in real life. This tells me that the piece was written deliberately with speech pattern to give off a certain “image,” meaning the writer is more than likely not an American citizen.

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