Tutanota Adds +500,000 New Customers Since Start of 2017

Security experts around the world look at the recent string of leaks exposing mass Government surveillance as a major victory, proclaiming that such actions are propelling society into a new age of privacy and digital security. Regardless of your stance on either side of this issue, recent evidence from the private sector appears to be backing these statements up.

As reported by Softpedia News March 26th 2017, Tutanota, the worlds largest encrypted email service provider, has already gained over 500,000 new customers since the start of 2017. To put some perspective of this, nearly 25% of all the companies current accounts have been added over the last 3 months alone and the company was originally founded in 2011!

You Can Sign Up for The Service Here: https://tutanota.com/

In statements made available to Softpedia via email, Matthias Pfau, Tutanota co-founder stated that “We are confident that this is only the start of a new trend; a new trend where people finally understand that privacy matters and look for secure alternatives for their online communications. This is very important because, with steadily growing mass surveillance, we need to encrypt our data so that no-one can spy on it.

As for what is finally pushing the average person in society towards privacy companies, security experts are suggesting that it is a combination of a multitude of factors. From political turmoil in the US, Germany, Turkey and others, to leaks inside the CIA and NSA exposing illegal surveillance measures and releasing hacking tools into the wild, to new laws in the US allowing companies to sell your online records to advertisers. For a wide variety of reasons in 2017, the need for online security has never been greater.

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Pfau also believes this is what is pushing so many customers to his service right now, going on to say that Tutanota’s users “say they are sick of all this online spying that is going on. They are also sick of being constantly exposed to targeted advertisements. That’s why they appreciate a secure mail service such as Tutanota so much. That’s also why they use privacy-focused search engines like Duckduckgo and Qwant.

He goes on to add that “Our emails contain a lot of sensitive personal data: Communication with banks and state agencies, appointments, services we subscribe to, private communications with friends and family. It is essential that this information cannot be abused – neither by attackers, nor by the authorities, nor by the mail service (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo) that hosts our mails.” This is why, in his opinion, everyone in society needs to support end-to-end encryption and up their level of awareness about all of these issues.

Regardless, the recent string of signups adds to a long line of success for Tutanota, early in 2016 the company made international headlines for becoming the first alternative email service provider to surpass 1 million users and just 13 months later now, the company encompasses well over 2 million customers. For the time being, it appears as though the sky is the limit for this company and their success is a sure sign that the privacy industry as a whole is slowly starting to climb out of the shadows and into the main stream.

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