Hackers Take Down Romanian Government Web Pages as 333,000 Protesters Take To The Streets

The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, has told the world that his country is facing a “fully-fledged political crisis” as hundreds of thousands of Romanian citizens have taken to the streets in protest of newly passed legislation overturning previous laws governing against political corruption.

Two months ago in December the Social Democratic Party won control of the countries Government, a political party which stands in opposition to the agenda’s of countries current President – whom was elected in 2014. The current conflict in Romania surrounds the fact that the newly elected legislature is beginning to pass new laws, overturning older laws that the current President has spent years working to protect.

Read More Anti-Corruption Laws Hit Romania 2011: https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/36/3649195_-os-eu-bulgaria-romania-eu-s-anti-corruption-drive-hits.html

Some people in Romania are calling the President a “traitor” for standing in opposition to the countries newly elected government, while others are lobbying for the President to hold his ground. The hundreds of thousands of protestors you are reading about in the news lately support the President and stand in opposition of the Legislatures decision to pass measures which will decriminalize various forms of “political corruption.

The new laws would allow elected officials to receive tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from international actors, will abruptly end several investigations of political corruption currently underway  and will pardon elected officials whom have previously been convicted on charges of corruption in the past.

The citizens or Romania are weary that such measures will de-legitimize their country and allow their political leaders to sell off Romania’s national interests to the highest bidder – pun intended. Others in the country are fearful that that such measures are a giant step backwards, negating decades of work/progress.

It must be noted however that if the citizens of Romania really wanted to prevent such measure from coming into law, they should not have elected all of these people into office just two months ago. For this very reason, counter protests calling for the President to resign have also begun to break out and newly elected members of Romania’s Government are placing the blame for all of this civil discord squarely on the Presidents shoulders – for emboldening the protestors to lash out in the first place and not allowing “the Government to Govern.

Read More About The Current Situation In Romania: https://www.google.com/#q=romania+protests&tbm=nws

In solidarity with the people/protestors in Romania, the Anonymous hacker collective has entered into the discussion and implemented #OpRomania. As of this morning several Government websites have been taken offline and several key figures in Romania’s Government whom supported the new laws have been “doxxed.

Websites Taken Offline as of 2/8/2017

  • www.mpublic.ro
  • www.portal.just.ro
  • www.just.ro
  • www.pna.ro
  • ns1.stsisp.ro
  • ns2.stsisp.ro
  • ns3.stsisp.ro

Leaked Contact Information for Romanian Elected Officials Repealing anti-Corruption Laws: http://pastebin.com/y3runz3i

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