The Implications A Trump Presidency Has Already Had on The Field of “Journalism”

Donald Trumps quarrels with “the Press” have been well documented and I have no intentions of turning this article into any sort of partisan statement on his behalf, but I want to point out that since Trump became President I have already personally reported on 3 Presidential documents which have been leaked/released online directly by Trump and/or members of his Administration.

Granted I am not as old as some of my peers in the industry and I have only been doing this for a couple years now, but outside of Wikileaks I do not remember ever seeing 3 Presidential documents release by Obama or Bush in their entire careers in office.

Whether by making personal announcements via his Facebook/Twitter Pages or leaking/releasing documents online himself, Donald Trump is offering US citizens pure information straight from the source – which is something we have never seen before. In many different ways, for better or worse, Trump has already revolutionized the way a President expresses himself to the Nation as well as the way the American public receives their information about the Government. I have got to say, it is actually very refreshing to see.

As someone whom has recently broken in to the field of journalism and is attempting to do this sort of thing for a living, Trump’s Presidency has already made this job much easier for me. From a personal perspective, whether I agree with his policies or not, it has been a pleasure to cover his administration to date and I do appreciate all the transparency.

What Trump is doing is handcuffing “the press” by making every single journalist/news agency/reporter cover the same exact material, Trump is just dumping documents out to the public and letting people take the information however they will.

This is ingenious because it truly allows an individuals bias and/or political agenda to shine through in their reporting of that material. Subsequently, it should also start to let an individual journalists content to speak for itself and should hopefully allow the people who make the best/most interesting or introspective content to truly shine through – as opposed to the old system where only the people with the most money were allowed to be visible.

This is a tremendous step forward because it abolishes the ‘status quo‘ in the industry and levels the playing field for small time publishers such as myself. No longer do ‘industry leaders’ like the Washington Post or New York Times have special access to information that others do not and gone are the days that individual press agencies can claim any sort of monopoly on information itself – bad news for well established publishers like New York Times whom were already on the verge of bankruptcy, but good news for small time publishers like Alternative Medi4 which has been steadily growing month after month.

Though it is still very early on in his Presidency and I will not comment on any of his individual polices, all of this is an interesting dynamic to see playing itself out and I do hope the Governments/Presidents level of intimacy/transparency with the American public continues.

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