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The newest member of Ghost Squad Hacking group, going by the name of “Romulus,” appears to have hacked the log in credentials belonging to several employees. At the time of this article NASA has yet to respond to Alternative Medi4’s request for a comment on the matter and it remains unclear if the agency was even aware it had been breached in the first place.

Official Release from Romulus:

In terms of Government agencies/websites, I must say that NASA seems to get hacked on a more regular basis than almost anyone else you ever hear about – someone over there should really start to address that.

As for the hackers, no one is quite familiar with whom Romulus is at the present moment in time and even Ghost Squad admits this person is there newest member – there is no mention of this person before January. Going by their Twitter handle though, it appears as though Romulus lives somewhere in Afghanistan.

Outside of Anonymous, Ghost Squad has gone on to become perhaps the worlds most premier/prominent hacking group throughout 2016 and into 2017, with several major hacks on International banks and individual Governments. It is said that the group got its start after breaking off from a larger group of international hackers whom went on to form the United Cyber Caliphate – one of the most powerful hacking wings of the Islamic State.

Ghost Squad maintains however that they have no affiliation whatsoever with the Islamic State, or any religion for that matter, and they severed ties with/hacked the UCC for their very involvement with terrorist organizations. The group also has no affiliation with any individual Government/country and the diversity of their attacks/targets seems to back this up as well.

If you are interested learning more about this group they are very active on social media and their Facebook Page alone has nearly 40,000 followers.

**Update/Edit as of 2/1/17 | The Ghostbin post is still up, but Ghost Squad has deleted their original posting on Facebook announcing the attack – no reason offered as to why **

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