King Abdullah II of Jordan Meets With Leaders of The Trump Administration for First Time

King Abdullah of Jordan will be meeting with several key figures in the US Government this week, including a meeting on Monday with Vice President Pence and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Abdullah will be the first leader of an Arab Nation to visit Washington since Trump assumed the US Presidency and early indications suggest that US-Jordanian military strategy and the economic stresses of Jordan’s refugee crisis will be the main points of discussion.

By all accounts the first day of meetings went well and as reported by Petra, a Jordanian news agency, “The U.S. Vice President stressed the U.S. commitment to working with Jordan.

Here in Western society Jordan is seemingly a forgotten country, we just never hear about it in the news all that often and I doubt the majority of Americans could even point it out on a blank map if asked. For all the geographical flunkies out there, Jordan sits in a unique spot in the world right now, surrounded on all 4 sides by the following countries – Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Heard about any of those countries in the news recently?

While surrounded by War and chaos, Jordan remains a beacon of hope – internationally renown for the countries work in humanitarian aid and their response to the refugee crisis.  Jordan is also the last country in the Middle East or North Africa that organizations such as Peace Corps are even willing to station volunteers.

All the reasons which make Jordan unique and special are the same reasons why Jordan is now reaching out to the United States and the global community for help in 2017. Not only has the country become economically strained from the influx of refugees, but the Jordanian military is struggling to keep Islamic State militants from advancing towards their borders.

The situation has started to deteriorate over recent months and in September of 2016, Jordan was officially forced to close its norther border with Syria for the first time. While the decision was made to keep any potential IS militants out of the country, it is now estimated that +75,000 people are trapped inside Syria along the Jordanian border – waiting/hoping to enter into the country one day.

With the proximity of the Islamic State inching closer to their country on a daily basis and refugees placing an economic strain on the country, Jordan is reaching out the United States for help.

As reported by Petra, in his first meeting with the Trump Administration, King Abdullah met with Vice President Pence to discussefforts to end the Syrian crisis and the importance of the international cooperation in order to find a political solution to this crisis.” Additionally, “The meeting also dealt with relations between the two countries” including Jordan’s perspective of “the United States’ role in achieving peace and stability in the Middle east.

According to the report, the meeting went well and Vice President “Pence said his country would continue to support Jordan to enable it to implement economic reforms and helping the Kingdom in carrying the burden of refugees.Over the next several days King Abdullah is scheduled to met with other American leaders including members of the US Senate and possibly even President Trump himself.

As for the military side of all of this, dating back to the rise of ISIS in 2011 Jordan has remained a close military ally of the United States. Not only have the two countries military’s worked in close coordination with one another on a regular basis, but the Jordanian air-force has been particularly beneficial to US led coalition in the region.

Now that Jordan is formally asking a new administration for more help in the region, it appears as though the United States is prepared to reward Jordan for their loyalty.

According to a breif press release from, about King Abdullahs meeting with Defense Secretary Mattis yesterday, “Secretary Mattis expressed his deep appreciation to His Majesty King Abdullah II for Jordan’s commitment and contributions to the counter-ISIS Coalition.” Going on to add that “The two emphasized the close nature of the U.S.-Jordan defense partnership and reiterated their shared commitment to ensuring a stable and secure Middle East.

Believe it or not, what makes the timing of all of this even more critical is ancient religious scripture, which happens to dictate the ground movement/targets of the Islamic State – of which Jordan is the next country that needs to fall for scripture to come to life. If the United States and the collective world does not want to prove the Islamic State right, then we must all come together to protect Jordan at any cost.

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