Satirical: Meet The “Other” Globalists, A Conspiracy Inside A Conspiracy, Inside A Conspiracy

I am writing this article today after I saw a headline published by The Intercept this morning entitled “James Clapper Has A Classified Blog. Its Called Intercept.” It’s amusing because The Intercept first made their name publishing leaked intelligence documents and James Clapper is, of course, the active Director of National Intelligence. But for the purposes of this article I am not going to get into that discussion.

Instead I would like to draw your attention to and help you help you understand how foreign nationals and billionaires attempt to control the media, in hopes of controlling the population, in hopes of ultimately controlling the government and therefore “the world!!!” Yes, this may all sound a bit extreme, but if it seems like some grand and unreasonable conspiracy to you then buckle up kiddos, because even in “conspiracy” there are a number of small truths.

I bring up The Intercept specifically because when I first founded Bankrupt Medi4 I marveled at how other agencies were able to operate with such high proficiency. Keep in mind for a moment that this website is a sole proprietorship and I am the only one on staff, but for me to establish my site, create articles and pay to advertise them through social media, it cost me roughly $4,000 to $5,000 over my first 4 month.

However, compared to someone like The Intercept with a much larger platform and several internationally renown writers on staff, I am just a bum. It always fascinated me though, how in the world does The Intercept afford to pay for everything and everyone when they do not generate any revenue from their site directly? What was the secret I wondered?

Well, as it turns out, Glenn Greenwald and his staff really have nothing to do with it. When the agency was founded, The Intercept was exclusively funded by French born Iranian billionaire Pierre Omidyar:

With that said, if you think that billionaires and foreign nationals funding/controlling American news media outlets is something rare, then you really are naive.

For Example:

From the the 1800’s to late 1900’s the largest press agency in the world, Reuters, was owned by the Rothschild family of international bankers, literally THE richest family in human history. Today Reuters is owned by the Thomson family, a different family of billionaires out of Canada:

The Wall Street Journal was founded by Dow Jones, as in the same guy the Dow Jones stock market is named after and the same financial market that The Wall Street Journal regularly reports on. Don’t worry, no conflict of interest there I am sure:

Fox News is owned by Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch:

The list really could go on like that for a while, but I think you have received my point on this matter. So, as I hope you can see, it is not exactly “conspiracy” to say that the news and nearly everything you hear on it is controlled by a privileged class of international billionaires. But is it a conspiracy to say that all of these people actually have the power to control our Government and manipulate world affairs as a result?

I mean, its not like the United States just “elected” an internationally renown billionaire to become the Nations next President on the heels of a “fake news” fiasco or anything……..And its not like Trump’s cabinet is now full of other US billionaires at the same time….

The “conspiracy”

For however strong his sense of Nationalistic Pride may be, Donald Trump would be the first person to tell you that we are living in a world which has become “globalized” in 2016.

The “conspiracy” has traditionally been that “Globalists” like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and others have been working together, to slowly implement Liberal political policies throughout the world. As the story goes, these people reject the constrictions of “Nationalism,” generally promote Socialism and desire to eventually connect the world as “one human race.

The concept doesn’t necessarily seem all that bad on the surface, but this would literally mean that only a handful of rich and powerful politicians/bankers would have the very real power to control the fate/free will of every person in society, in every country around the world, of which there are “only” about 7.4 billion – give or take. This would be a very scary thought for anyone whom actually believes in notion of modern “Democracy” or “Freedom” and consequentially enough, why everyone dismisses all of this as being a conspiracy theory, because it all seems too “crazy” to be true……

But here is a personal email of Hillary Clinton, received from George Soros, while Clinton was serving as US Secretary of State:

This particular email serves as evidence, revealing how Clinton and Soros coordinated together to overthrow the Prime Minister of Albania and replace him with the opposition candidate. In the months following this email, a national crisis in Albania ensued, there were some riots, some people died and as a result, Albania’s “opposition leader” Edi Rama ultimately became the new Prime Minister of the country in 2013, where he remains in office to this day.

If you go ahead and read the email, not only is Edi Rama reference by name, by Soros, as the person that Hillary Clinton, The United States Government and the European Union should support in the Albanian national dispute, but the person whom also went on to mediate/coordinate the government transition, Miroslav Lajcak, was also reference by name, by Soros, as the person that Clinton should select to perform that very task.

Oh and by the way, I forgot to mention that George Soros, an Austrian native, has donated over $3 BILLION dollars to US Democrats in various election campaigns dating back to 1979. So, tell me again how there is no such thing as a “Shadow Government” and all of this is just “conspiracy“…….

The conspiracy within the “conspiracy”

There has been a term floating around some the darker corners of the internet over the last half decade or so, this would be the notion of an impending “New World Order,” a perceived collection international “globalists” seeking to create a world without borders and establish a “one world government.

Usually talks of the New World Order go hand in hand with overthrowing the power/authority of individual governments worldwide in favor of the United Nations, which would eventually go on to serve as “planet Earth’s” global Government. After-all, this is exactly what the Rockefellar’s intended the UN to be when they helped to established it in the 1940’s – remember?

Here is something else you might find interesting, starting around 2012-2013 the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s went on to combine their wealth, but refuse to release the actual figures. Ironically, here is the official report on this matter from Reuters:

While the conspiracy of the New World Order has indubitably been perpetuated by psychopaths and end times bloggers on the conservative right, such as Alex Jones, Obama/Biden/Clinton and several other political figures have almost gone on to embrace the term as some sort of running joke, even going on to purposefully use the phrase repeatedly in several high profile speeches over the years, such as you can see in the video above.

Only now into 2016 this whole matter has turned into far more than a political joke, or even a conspiracy theory. Not only have people begun to catch on to the proliferation of globalism, but many people have actually started to work to fight against and counteract it.

The conspiracy, within the conspiracy, within the “conspiracy”

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 is not just some “fluke,” it is a trend. When you read international headlines everyday for a living as I do, you start to notice and piece certain things together. It is not just the United States which has “chosen” to elect a conservative Nationalist such as Donald Trump in 2016, countries all around the world have seen nationalistic conservatives rise to political prominence in recent times as well.

This is observed by Hollande and the Le Penn’s surge in France; Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson’s rise in the UK and dare I say Duterte in Philippines? Every single one of these politicians essentially  preach the same message and have the same political “branding,” nationalistic pride from ones country mixed with hard right fiscally conservative monetary and immigration policy. The global sweep of conservatism in 2016 can also seen in headlines such as the French labor riots, the ‘Brexit’ vote and the loss of popularity for Angela Merkel in Berlin.

As I think it is easy for anyone around the world to see right now, in 2016 “Liberalism” has suffered a major defeat at the hands of “Conservatism” worldwide. It is almost as if all of these affluent, rich, like minded political conservatives from across the globe all got together and coordinated all of this somehow, perhaps just like Soros all those “other globalists” did for liberalism for years/decades beforehand? But, wouldn’t that then make the conservatives behavior no better or different than the conspiracies they have been working to counteract all of these years?

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. But then again, maybe everything I just explained here is all just a “coincidence“…..


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