Hillary Clinton Warned Trump Could Be Easily Baited, It Appears China Is Now Casting A Line

ChinaDaily reported this morning that a recent phone call between President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan and Donald Trump shows Trumps “inexperience in dealing with foreign affairs.” It was the first call a United States President has accepted from Taiwan dating back to 1979 and as suggested by Chinese State run newspapers, was a huge mistake for Trump to take.

The headlines is causing controversy today because, as reported by The Guardian, China “regards Taiwan as a breakaway province that should one day be reunified with the mainland.” Therefore, as you might expect, China’s relationship with Taiwan has been frosty over the years – think of it in some regards like Russia and Ukraine.

As for how this interferes with US-China relations, the “US sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment” – essentially protecting the country against a possible threat, including China whom has recently been making large advances throughout the South Pacific.

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Shifting gears for a moment, over the course of the America primary season and into the debate season, Hillary Clinton and many others regularly accused Donald Trump of “not having the temperament to serve as President.” Mrs. Clinton and others also on public record stating that “a man (such as Trump) that can be baited by a Tweet should not have the authority to serve as Commander in Chief.

I bring this up to highlight an important detail about the news today that I have not seen anyone else comment on, which is the fact that a state run newspaper actually appears to be trying to bait Donald Trump right now.

What else have Chinese Officials said about a Trump Presidency?

April, 18 2016, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, China’s Finance Minister was quoted as saying that Donald Trump was “irrational” and that the United States of America “wouldn’t be entitled to world leadership” anymore if it elected a man like Donald Trump to become their next President.

These comments made international headlines because at the time, Lou Jiwei was the highest ranking official in China to make any such statement at all in response to the possibility of a Trump Administration.

Tying back in with the original report from ChinaDaily this morning, the author goes on to stress how China remains the United States largest global trading partner, worth over half a trillion dollars in trade annually. The author did not say it outright, but, in a clearly labeled opinion piece (editorial), it was implied that would not be in the United States best interest to pursue business negotiations with Taiwan, because it would create a conflict of interest with the US largest business partners 0 China.

To put it even more simply, the US would essentially loose more money in trade with China than they would gain in new trade with Taiwan.

From the perspective of China, what may have China even more “agitated” with Trump these days would be his recent decision to “withdraw” from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

This is important to understand because, for the last several months/years, the Chinese Government has been making plans for the implementation of the TPP and according to top economists, no one country would have benefited more from the full enactment of the TPP than China. Consequentially, no one country is also more hurt by Donald Trumps decision with withdraw from the contract than China.

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If Donald Trump does end up succeeding in bringing back Americas manufacturing and/or brings tens of millions of jobs back into the United States, indubitable, many of these are going to end up being be taken back from countries like China. After-all, it was China which took so many jobs away from the country in the first place.

It is understandable to see why China might be a little angry with the United States and Donald Trump headed into 2017 and this is exactly why Trump must remain guarded against foreign publications – such as the one today.

Some of Trumps top opponents have already warned him of being easily baited. Hopefully he sees this and understands that the more things move along and the more important his decisions become, the more people/countries are going to try and “troll” him and/or “bait” him to doing and/or saying something stupid or reckless.

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