The Syrian Civil War, The Subsequent Refugee Crisis Which Has Ensued & The Fallacy of “Nationalism” Overall

Burlington, Vermont has agreed to resettle 100 Syrian refugees in the city of Rutland this winter, despite Donald Trump’s promise to ban Syrian refugees from entering the United States when he takes office in January.

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I happen to be publishing this news because I support what the state of Vermont is doing here and I am well aware how “controversial” an issue immigration has become in 2016. For me, accepting refugees is all about helping humanity, doing the right thing and helping your fellow ‘man.’ It has nothing whatsoever to do with this perceived notion of “Nationalism” and somehow attaching it to”Patriotism.”

For example, within the last week alone, over 10,000 new refugees have just fled the city of Aleppo and unfortunately, I have seen countless videos just like the one below – for years on end.

As President of the United States, Donald Trump is going to enact Executive Action banning Syrian nationals from entering this country – temporarily at least. Furthermore, it is not by accident that Trump selected Mike Pence to be his Vice President. As Governor of Indiana earlier this year in 2016, Mike Pence enacted Executive Action banning the re-settlement of refugees into the State of India.

This is important to understand because while State’s like Vermont would like to help more people in need and bring in more people struggling from around the world, State’s like Indiana want to ban all of these people entirely – perhaps even deport some of them. This is the cultural/political divide we are witnessing throughout the United States today in regard to the refugee crisis abroad.

As for the people who believe in banning/deporting refugees, they want to do this for two reason: 1. to save on tax dollar allocation on the State’s Budget, and 2. cultural reasons – imply from that whatever you will.

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Believe it or not, Mike Pence was brought to court over his Executive Order to ban Syrians after he was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union. Pence happened to lose his case decidedly, within a matter of months, with the courts ruling his ban “discriminatory” and violating the principals of the Constitution of the United States.

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My rhetorical question to you is, do you really think Donald Trump and/or Mike Pence are not well aware of this fact? Yet, within the last week both have publicly announced their intentions to go forward with a similar Executive Order, only on the Federal/Presidential Level – which supersedes the power Mike Pence once had as a State Governor.

I looked up the actual statistics and I have to admit, I was wrong in my previous assumptions on the matter. Over the course of the last 5 years I have heard more about President Obama’s Executive Orders than I ever remember hearing about any other President throughout history. It is no secret by now that many of Obama’s orders were controversial and did wind up in the Supreme Court on a fairly regular basis.

However, when I looked up the statistics on the matter, Obama has enacted less Executive Orders than 6 of the last 8 Presidents. Honestly, based on the coverage I have seen recently, I would have thought Obama passed more Executive Orders than anyone – guess that is the power of “the news.

Moving Forward…..

Just as courts have ruled Mr. Pence’s Executive Order illegal, the United States Supreme Court has also ruled some of President Obama’s Executive Order(s) illegal all the same and everything I am discussing is not necessarily a new concept.

However, the distinction needs to be made that unlike cases on the State Level, which can conclude within in a matter of months, cases on the Federal Level, such as with Presidential Executive Orders which have to go through the Supreme Court, take much longer to conclude.

Remember, both Pence and Trump are aware that Pence has already lost in court with essentially the same legislation that Trump now wants to pass, but also remember Donald Trump has only promised a “temporary ban” – not a permanent one.

Continuing this logic outwards, if it took 16 months to 2 years for the Supreme Court to strike down Donald Trumps proposed Executive Action banning refugees/migrants, the order will still have stood for that 16-24 month period it took the courts to decide. So you see, even in defeat, knowing he would loose all along, Trump would still have succeeded with his “temporary ban” all the same.

I am a white male and I find the notion of “US Nationalism” or “Nationalism” in general, offensive in many ways.

If I tell someone reading this article that “no, you are not automatically better than someone else simply because of where you happened to be born and no, humans which happen to be born outside the geographical confines of your countries borders are not inferior by that fact alone.” – does that offend you?

There is a fairly size-able portion of the US population which actually embraces the concept of “US Nationalism” or US exceptionalism and consequentially, adamantly disagrees with my stance on this matter.

While it does not encompass every person living inside the United States, there is a growing number of people in this country who actually believe that “America is the best at everything – ever – simply because we are America!” – no other reason than that really.

Image result for nationalism makes people take pride in things they have not done

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Image result for nationalism our humans better than your

Psychologically speaking, the driver of Nationalism in people minds is not far off from bullying; the driver of Nationalism in peoples minds is the desire to want to feel better about oneself, by thinking/believing that other people are beneath or inferior to them in some way/shape/form or fashion. Consequentially, these people turn “prejudice” into “discrimination” and treat begin to treat others as such – or regard them as such.

It makes sense in a way, everyone wants to feel better about themselves – some just go about accomplishing this in different ways.

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I am an American citizen and I reject the notion of US Nationalism, but I am very proud of this country and I am grateful for the free press which allows me to assemble and publish information such as this. I am also anti-War and want to bring all of our soldiers home, no more fighting Wars on foreign soil.

Am I unpatriotic to you for wanting to end Wars and accept refugees? I think there are some people in this country who might try to argue I am and that is a such a shame , it is also the reason I am writing this article today.

Try To Think About It From Someone Else’s Perspective

You saw the video from Aleppo above and  sadly, there are other cities/countries just like this all over the world right now. This is the reality some people/families are currently/actively facing while we live our relatively conformable lives here in the US.

Imagine you were born, by sheer fate, into a country such as Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/Pakistan – et cetera – which just happened to break out in War and your home, entire city, immediate surroundings and everything around you was essentially turned into ruins – what would you do?

Are you going to sit there behind you computer screen and tell me that you would stay, or that you would want to keep you family/children there?  I would call you liar if you did.

War is much bigger than the average citizen in any country.

These people could not control a War breaking out over their lifetime and these people could not choose where on Earth they happened to be born. Moreover, these are the people trying to escape their homeland and find a new/better life, rather than pick up guns to fight to defend their old one.

I honestly do not believe these refugees are “the enemy” some US nationalists automatically make them out to be. On the contrary, these are some of the people who need more help than almost anyone else on Earth right now. These refugees are people whom are actively making the peaceful decision to find a better life rather than pick up a gun and fight in War – there are millions of people from their same homelands who did not choose to make that same decision.

I happen to think the United States of America has the money and resources to do more to HELP these people and this situation. We can still be a “great” country, whilst doing great things to help others who need it.

Banning these people entirely is turning a blind eye to the situation at hand, a situation that the United States has played a role in.The US funds rebels in Syria and Yemen, the US has had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan, the US is not “innocent” in allowing some of the problems we now see around the world to get out of control. It would be irresponsible to invade these countries, give them weapons to fight a War while bombing them and then just turn our backs to the situation entirely, this is quite frankly childish and irresponsible.

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