Hackers Interrupt Israeli Broadcast Station In Protest of Newly Proposed Laws In Jerusalem

As reported by The Jerusalem Post late Wednesday night, “Hackers took over the Channel 2 broadcast Tuesday night, streaming through out northern Israel messages of incitement relating to Israel’s recent fires.

The Islamic call to prayer, as is heard in Jerusalem on daily basis, can be heard in the background but before the video finishes, the hackers leave very dark and ominous message stating that “God is Great. This is punishment from God, the fire burned hearts. Stopping the call to prayer is a War on God.

By all accounts, the hack was carried out on the eve of something known as the “muezzin bill,” a bill which seeks to abolish the Muslim call to prayer within the city of Jerusalem – an audible recording which Orthodox Jews say they have to “suffer” through on a daily basis.

As reported November 16, 2016, after international outcry and condemnation from Israeli citizens, the Muezzin Bill was officially blocked by Israeli lawmakers before it could be turned into law. Despite the controversy the bill had created and its initial defeat in legislature, Orthodox Prime Minister Nejamin Netanyahu strongly supported the bill and as reference above, a second attempt to pass the bill into law was due to take place December 1, 2016.

This bill has gone on to become such a big deal,especially over the last few weeks, mainly because of the proliferation of illegal activity on behalf of the Israeli government in the territories formerly known as “Palestine.” Not only does Israel continue to build and approve new settlements on the outskirts of the city, in violation of international law, but everyday it seems the Israeli government attempts to establish more authoritative control over the area – such as attempting to enact the Muezzin Bill which silences the practice of Islam in Jerusalem.

According to the United Nations Partition Plan, which founded Israel in the first place, the city of Jerusalem was to exist as an international city belonging to the world, not a city within Israels jurisdiction. This was done so that Israel could not do exactly what they have just decided to do here, censor and outlaw religious practice that conflicts with the practice of Judaism.

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According to the original report by The Jerusalem Post, the hack is being attributed to a group which” appeared to be from Saudi Arabia.” However, cyber security experts warn, take this information with a grain of salt. Muslim advocates speaking out against the Muezzin Bill have been very diplomatic in their approach to the situation and it is unlikely anyone would support such an extremist message on behalf of their cause.

Moreover, the Israeli government literally leads the world in hacking capability and as there is no definitive proof where this message originated from, the Israel government itself has to be thought of as a prime suspect.

As for the ‘divine punishment’ referenced int he video, this in reference to the recent string of fires which have devastated Israel, forcing tens of thousands to evacuate their residences in recent weeks. To date, several Palestinians have been incarcerated for setting these fires and it is largely accepted that Muslims/Arabs are setting the fires to protest the Muezzin Bill.

However, Israeli Education Minister, Neftali Bennet, is on record of stating that “only those who do not belong to a country can set it alight.” Implying that Israel/Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people alone, not the Arabs or Palestinians – fractally flawed logic which only helps to fuel the hatred and extremism we are seeing we see on both sides of this religious conflict in 2016.


Translation: “Yesterday they banned the Islamic call to prayer in Palestinian areas – now they are getting divine retribution: And who is more unjust than he who prevents the name of Allah from being mentioned in His mosques [Qur’anic quote – 2:114]

As reported by Ynetnews late Wednesday night, “The Israeli government on Wednesday decided to postpone the vote on two controversial bills the coalition proposed – the Regulation Bill and the Muezzin Bill to next week.” More details to come as they unfold.

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