Press Release: WikiLeaks Publishes “The Yemen Files”

On Friday November 25th, 2016, Wikileaks announced the publication of their latest leaked archive entitled “The Yeman Files

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According to Wikileaks official press release, “The Yemen Files are a collection of over 500 documents from the United States embassy in Sana’a, Yemen. Comprising of over 200 emails and 300 PDF’s” which allegedly provide “evidence of the US arming, training and funding of Yemeni forces in the years building up to the War.

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Wikileaks goes on to explain how the collection of files span “the period from 2009 until just before the war in Yemen broke out in earnest during March 2015.” Adding that “This time covers both Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State (2009-2013) and the first two years of Secretary John Kerry.

In response to his latest release, Julian Assange was quoted as saying “The war in Yemen has produced 3.15 million internally displaced persons. Although the United States government has provided most of the bombs and is deeply involved in the conduct of the war itself.

After browsing through and cataloguing the evidence, Wikileaks concluded their release explaining what they believe to be the real reason the Yemen Civil War broke out and continues to this day, explaining how:

Yemen is of significant strategic interest as Yemen controls a narrow choke point to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal through which 11% of the world’s petroleum passes each day. In addition Yemen borders Saudi Arabia (to the north) and Oman (to the east) and has access to the Arabian Sea through which another 20% of the world’s petroleum passes from the Strait of Homuz (including the oil of Saudi Arabia and Iran). Saudi Arabia seeks to control a port in Yemen to avoid the potential constriction of its oil shipments by Iran along the Straight of Homuz or by countries which can control its other oil shipment path along the Red Sea.

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