Alternative Medi4, “Fake News” & The Future of Independent Publishers In The United States

The following article outlines how recent decisions to crackdown on “alternative media” and “fake news” are currently effecting a young publisher trying to enter into and make their name in the digital publishing world.

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What is Alternative Medi4 and what do I do?

In the wake of the perceived failings of the main steam media, particularly in the United States, I started Alternative Medi4 in a serious bid to enter into the digital news market and educate news readers about world affairs and politics – something I feel modern news organizations fail to do anymore.

As for my brand and the content I produce, AltMedi4 a sole proprietorship; I am the only person involved with the production of any content featured on my website or through my Facebook Page. I alone am responsible for all the writing, proof reading, editing, publishing, re-editing and republishing of all articles – even articles featured from other sources. Not at one point do I believe I have ever published anything that can be perceived or classified as “fake.

I do all of this in my free time mind you, at a personal expense (net loss) and my online work serves as both a personal hobby and professional portfolio. However, nearly 4 months into the process, in retrospect, my decision to enter the news market could not have come at a more awkward time. I am specifically referring to my decision to name my site “Alternative Medi4.

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What I did not know when I first began this venture – in August 2016 – was that Google and Facebook would come out with public service announcements declaring their future intentions to crack down on fake publishers distributing information through their networks – in November 2016.

Now, in the few weeks since this announcement first came down, countless headlines have read something like Google and Facebook begin crackdown on/’declares war’ on “fake news” and “alternative media.

While Facebook has allowed me to continue to pay them to advertise, I have never heard back from Google AdSense about a business proposal to do the same. The way I had it figured, rather than sit and wait for Google to start censoring material and potentially refuse my site in the future, why not take proactive approach and ask Google directly?

To date, 11/15/16, I have yet to ever hear a response from Google, which means they did not want to take my money and must consider my small time operation “fake” in some way. I do not know what their new guidelines are in determining what is “real” news and what is not, I just hope they publish this sooner than later.

Regardless if Google will ever “approve” of me or not, I think you can clearly see from the subject matter on this site that every headline I publish is relevant and important news events. However, this whole movement towards cracking down upon “alternative media” is extremely unfortunate for a site literally calling itself “Alternative Medi4.

Something else I could not have possibly foreseen when I began a few months back was the emergence of group of people calling themselves the “alt-right.” If you haven’t heard about them yet, the ‘alt-right movement’ has gotten a lot of national publicity for promoting and standing up for extremely negative platforms – especially the notion of white supremicism in the wake of a Trump victory.

Not only has this group caused countless controversies and hostility online, but the alt-right is now being actively censored and banned from on various social media networks entirely.

Again, the emergence of a hate group calling themselves the “alt-right” is another unfortunate development for a site calling itself “Alternative Medi4” – which also happens to offer subcategories entitled “alt_publishers_license, alt_gallery, alt_Services” – et cetera.

For Example, My Business Page:

I want to assure my audience, or anyone who cares enough to read this article, that everything I have just brought to your attention is merely coincidental. I have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with the alt-right movement and if you take the time to read through my content, I think this becomes self evident. I wish this was something I did not even have to address, but I feel it is necessary.

What does the future hold for small time publishers such as myself?

Realistically thinking about it, I do not have any chance of actually establishing myself as some sort of news company like Fox or CNN in real life – everything I do is online. All I do for this site, or have ever done in the past, is generate/produce content. By establishing my own site I am now”publishing” content myself, instead of “producing” content for someone else.

To fill even more space and keep my site active/relevant, I have even republished content produced by various independent news corporations around the world, including Amnesty International, Middle East Eye and RT – among others.

For Example

Original Article:

Alternative Medi4 Re-Publish of That Article:

I am doing two things through this site: 1.) re-editing material from respected sources using various, internationally recognized publishing licenses and 2.) publishing original material for myself.

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As of last night I officially changed my classification on Facebook from “News/Media Company” to “Publisher,” because this most accurately describes what I actually do and honestly, I wish I selected this months ago. I hope this decision will allow Alternative Medi4 to avoid at least some of the developing problems surrounding “fake news” organizations.

Now that I am not attempting to call myself a “news company,” perhaps Google will re-evaluate doing business with me in the future. I have also contacted Facebook support to advise them about asking many of these “news/media companies” to relabel their page to something different, so Facebook does not have to bother officially classifying them as a fake news source in the future. .

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