Technically, If We Were Going by Popular Vote, More Eligible Voters Chose To Vote for Nobody Rather Than Somebody in 2016

Earlier this year I made a meme highlighting how 81-92% of US citizens say they disapprove of their government over the years, but only 40% of eligible voters usually cast a vote in mid-term elections. Granted the numbers are a little bit higher for Presidential elections, no one is impressed with these figures either – I’ll break those down for you momentarily.

By the end of the the 2016 US primary season, only 9% of the US population cast a vote to nominate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to officially run for President. As reported by The New York Times, a mere 5% of the US population choose Trump for the Republicans and 4% of the US population choose Clinton for the Democrats.

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US Presidential Election

According to the data 42.9% of all eligible voters in the United States chose not to cast a vote in the Presidential election of 2016, rather than vote for any one of Americas next “leaders” – at least the candidates presented for them to “choose” from.

For some perspective on those figures, of the people who did choose to vote, 61,047,207 (25.6%) of the population voted for Hillary Clinton and 60,375,961 (25.5%) of the population voted for Donald Trump. However, due to Electoral College traditions, Trump was awarded the Presidency.

Fun Fact of The Day

If not for the Electoral College the last 4 Presidential administrations of the United States would have been won by the Democrats – at least if we were going by the popular vote of the country. We had Bill Clinton in the in the 90’s, then we had President Bush – even though Al Gore won the Majority Vote – then we had Obama, now we will have Trump – even though Hillary Clinton won the majority vote.

Rather than have one Party sweeping the Presidency, the “Electoral College” has split the administrations 2 for the Democrats and 2 for the Republicans. If that fact makes you angry then definitely do not look up how “gerrymandering” has also helped Republicans win various state elections.


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