Weeks After Peace Negotiations Fall Apart, The US, UK and UAE Have All Stationed Warships Off Yemen’s Coastline

As reported by Russia Today earlier this morning, “Britain’s most advanced warship has reportedly been quietly deployed to the coast of Yemen in what experts claim is a bid to protect the vital Bab al-Mandeb strait – a key oil route.” The report continues to explain that over recent days “three US warships and a UAE vessel” have come under fire from rebels in control of the Yemen coastline.

This is not to mention several attacks on UAE vessels last month, which spawned the United States Navy to enter these waters in the first place.

Russia Today goes on to report how, as a result of all these new attacks, a Ministry of Defense (MoD) spokesman has been quoted as saying the UK reached their decision to move a Warship off Yemen’s coastline “As part of our commitment to freedom of navigation in the region.”  The spokesperson went on to add, how the “HMS Daring” will provide “situational awareness and reassurance to commercial shipping,” while protecting the interests of their allies in the region – the US and UAE.

This is important to understand because, as reported 10/19/2016, both Waring factions in Yemen agreed to a ceasefire and to participate in peace negotiations. Continuing with the Naval theme of this article, this ceasefire/peace negotiation happened directly because of the US Navy, which directly fired upon Yemen for the first time just days before – this also marked the first time the US military directly entered into the War itself.

Facing the potential prospect of all out War with the United States, Yemen’s President and rebel forces put down their arms in hopes of reaching an agreement. However, this was short lived as it was reported by Middle East Eye, just ten days later on 10/29/2016, that “Yemen president rejects UN peace proposal.

According to the report, President Hadi said that “the plan rewards the Putschists while punishing the Yemeni people and legitimacy.” The terms of the agreement were likely rejected based on the fact that the United Nations called for Hadi to pick a replacement and remove himself from office.

It is no wonder why peace negotiation failed, does the UN really think Yemen’s President is fighting this War so he wont have any power at the end of it? I question who is even in charge of these negotiation in the first place, you have to know that sort of proposal is automatically going to be rejected – right? So why even bother to put it forward?

Regardless, the situation in and around Yemen is quickly escalating. In back to back months the US military has become directly engaged in the Yemen ground war for the first time and now the UK/UAE are both actively mobilizing their military’s around the region as well.

Perhaps all of these recent military moves are meant to serve the peace process, meaning perhaps US allies are arranging “show of force” around Yemen in an attempt to coerce or scare Yemen rebels them into a diplomatic solution – rather than a militaristic battle.

Then again maybe Yemen’s President has continued to dig in his heels in this dispute and now the allied forces are simply doing the same. Where this issue goes from here remains to be seen, but I will do my best to continue to keep you updated and informed.

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