As Trump Prepares To Take Office, Is Canada Preparing for an American Refugee Crisis?

On August 22, 2016 Reuters reported how “1,500 Americans Illegally Washed Up On Canada’s shores.” While the article was in good fun, meant to troll the United States and their hard line stance against immigration at the time, many people have been curious how the US election might seriously impact the future of Canada. For example, the wave of potential immigrants, illegal aliens and political asylum seekers that might soon encroach across Canada’s southern border – the result of a Trump Presidency.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, thousands of Americans fled to Canada to escape the draft and service in the US military/Vietnam War and while the circumstances are not nearly as extreme today as they once were back then, this has been the most controversial and emotionally charged US Presidential election in history. Many people do not know how to feel about it.

While this article is meant to have some fun in light of a serious topic, if Canada does indeed find itself faced to face with an American refugee crisis over the next number of months, it will be partially their own doing. Believe it or not, for the last several months Canada has actually been encouraging Americans to make the move across the border.

For example, less than two months ago, CNBC re-reported an old story about businesses partners in Canada “offering a job and 2 free acres of land if you relocate,” should Trump ever become President. There was also this video:

All of that aside, now that the American election has wrapped up and Donald Trump will indeed become our future leader, social media is ablaze with commentary about “Canada’s looming immigration crisis.

The questions now remain unanswered, what will Canada do? Will the country soon be facing a refugee crisis; is Canada making any preparations for this; should Canada build a wall on its Southern border to keep out all of those desperate Americans; does Canada need to make Canada great again and ban all American refugees?

Lets take a look and see what all the fine people of social media have to say….

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