Is America’s Military Really Crumbling, or Have We Simply Spent Ourselves Into A Hole?

According to the United States Department of Defense the budget for 2017 will cost $582.7 billion dollars, up from $521 billion in 2016 and $493 billion in 2015. Despite this this however, leaders in the US Government such as Mike Pence have emphatically stated at that “Americas military is crumbling,” that we now have the smallest Navy since WWI and the “fewest number of enlisted solider since WW2.” Meanwhile, other Government leaders including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham all decry on a regular basis that America’s military needs to be rebuilt.

To put some perspective on this, we keep hearing about big bad Russia all over the news recently but do you know what Russia’s defense budget was in 2016?  It was the dollar equivalent of around $50 billion dollars and this is was the largest amount the country had even spent on defense in any calendar year, they even decreased their military budget going into 2017.

The fact of the matter is that in terms of military spending, The United States continues to spend hundreds of billions more than our next closest ‘competitors’ year after year, literally trillions more than anyone else extended over decades. Yet, Mike Pence sits in front of the nation during a Vice Presidential debate; Ted Cruz stands in front of the nation during a G.O.P Presidential debate and tells us “our military is crumbling, and we have to rebuild it“?

Where the hell does all of this money go then and whom is wasting all of it? Ohh yeah, that’s right, the US inspector general audit two months ago concluded that the Pentagon either misplaced the records for or could not account for $6.5 trillion dollars in defense spending.

Don’t believe me, here is the official report:

Do people not understand?

Our military is not crumbling, it is simply unsustainable! We have nearly 20 trillion in national debt, our economy is still considerably down since the collapse of 2009 and no, monetary inflation values are not a sign of a strong economy – sorry to break that to you @Democrats.

The fact of the matter is that we can no longer afford to finance our military the way we once have and if we recklessly wanted to do so, what would that take or even entail? More Wars? Well, I suppose if history is any indicator of anything it is that War is economically profitable.

The disturbing thing to me is that our government actually believes that military investment is “good business” and it has become a common theme throughout the Republican Party to push heavy pro-War agenda’s. Also keep in mind that the last 2 Republican Presidents are responsible for the last 3 US Wars on foreign soil and Donald Trump has promised to station more troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in 2017 – if elected.

Outside of the different War zones the US military chooses to engage in on a regular basis, the US Department of Defense makes tens of billions of dollars a year off the private sale of military equipment, bombs, weapons, vehicles, gear and the like to foreign nations/military’s. In fact, the United States alone is responsible for 33% of the worlds global arms trade each year.

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It is an economic fact that the most profitable business in the United States today is manufacturing from the military industrial complex and all the ingredients necessary for people/countries to wage War against and kill one another has become the United States single largest export to the world.

Here is the disturbing thing though, how in the world has that sort of thing become a business in the first place!? Who actually looks themselves in the mirror at the end of the day and actually feels good about that? How can anyone call it “good business” when all of this is nothing but blood money and millions of people have died because of all this?

Looking at the situation at hand, the US has 900 bases in over 100 different countries – Russia has 2 – and we have spent trillions of dollars more on our military than anyone other country even comes close. However, despite this, we are told our military is crumbling and we have to spend even more money to rebuild it? How does that even make sense?

What is actually going on here?

Any way you approach it, the United States has literally spent ourselves into our current economic hole and it would be completely illogical to assume that increasing military spending and adding more debt would do anything to improve the situation. If our military is crumbling half as bad as these politicians portray it to be, then the last thing the people managing our military need is more spending money. Instead they they should all be fired for negligence or fraud immediately – I cite the US inspector general audit on that one! Or better yet, perhaps the US military just needs to scale back a bit and stop pretending like we own the world.

Time for a brief history lesson, how did the USA ‘win’ the Cold War and why did the USSR breakup in the 90’s?

If you are unfamiliar with recent history, during the Cold War Russia and the United States became engaged in an ‘epic’ arms race. The countries competed with one another in several different fields, particularly militarily spending and essentially exhausted nearly every available resource in this pursuit.

This phenomenon continued all the way until the 90’s when the USSR essentially spent itself into bankruptcy and collapsed under the weight of its debt. Meanwhile, the US ‘won’ the Cold War and continued on spending as the worlds greatest economy/superpower for decades to come through to today – because we were a bigger, more connected country which had a greater amount of resources and wealth.

However, looking at United States current economic situation independently and given our nearly 20 trillion dollar national debt, maybe, just maybe, the US has spent ourselves into economic collapse all the same as the USSR once did?

Perhaps since we were a bigger, more connected country with greater resources, the US was able to stave it off economic collapse for two decades longer than Russia once did and perhaps the same factors which led to the demise of the USSR are the same factors now catching up to the United States?

For the time being, until anyone starts to reverses the US debt clock, I will not believe one thing any politician says about the US having a healthy economy and I do not believe War and military investment is the solution to our economic woes either – it is exactly what got us here in the first place.

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