The n00b Guide To Understanding Hillary Clinton and All The Leaked Documents You Have Been Reading About

There are a number of headlines circulating around today about Donald Trump, his unique approach to handling the media and how this has paid off greatly for his political career. This is not really “news” though, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are nothing but nonstop 24/7 Clinton/Trump coverage machines these days. Anyone who regularly watches the news has heard this same story a hundred different times, just worded different ways.

Seriously, turn on any of these channels right now and I bet they are talking about Trump or Clinton and if not, wait 2 minutes. For those of us who produce and sift through content on a daily basis, it is a little maddening how obsessed the western media is with this years Presidential election, acting as if there is literally nothing else happening in the world or in government.

I do not want to add to the insanity, this will be the first and I hope last article I write about this years Presidential election for Alternative Medi4.

Where as other leading media outlets are going to write another 3 dozen articles about Hillary Clinton’s emails before Novembers elections, telling you what you should or should not believe about them at every step along the way,  Alternative Medi4 is going to write just one – telling you to browse through her emails for your own damn self.

You might have noticed how news agencies “report” about leaked material all the time, but the biggest agencies never tell you where to go or how to access the leaked information for yourself – nor do they directly link it within any their articles. Apparently it is alright for these news agencies to pass opinion off as fact in regard to political policy, but it violates their ethical code of conduct to share leaked documents online.

They must think Alternative Medi4 has no ethics then, which is odd considering I am only publishing the information below because I think it’s unethical for all of these news agencies – the “main stream media” – not to share as much information as possible with their readers.

So, if you are one of the countless millions of western media consumers who have heard all about Edward Snowden, or Hillary Clinton, or George Soros – et cetera – in the news but have never actually seen the leaked information for yourself, here is how to access it.

Browse Through Hillary Clinton’s Personal Emails for Yourself:

Browse Hillary Clinton’s Emails Specifically During The Iraq War Era:

Browse The DNC’s Emails:

George Soros is the 23rd richest man in the world and has donated 3 billion dollars to US Democrats throughout the course of his lifetime. Browse Leaked Soros Documents:

Browse Colin Powell’s Leaked Emails:

Browse the NSA Snowden Files:

Snowden Archive | The SIDToday Files:

Browse The Drone Papers:

Read, enlighten yourself and most importantly, make up your own mind on these issues!

The corporate medi4 gets paid for each one of these stories they create, why do you think they produce so many of them? They are keeping you entertained and stuffing their pockets at the same time, all while protecting their own interests within the information they choose to report.

Do not be a sheep, learn for yourself. The information to do so is already out there.

This article (The n00b Guide To Understanding The 2016 Presidential Election) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article using a creative commons license with attribution to Brian Dunn and Alternative Medi4

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